This is by far something that took me some time to understand, but I've finally had my wake up call. I've written a few other articles about dating, but this one hits home because I feel like many people experience this issue, especially women. There are three things that can help with being loyal to someone WITHOUT the title.

1. Stop trying to prove yourself

As women we try to prove ourselves to man by showing him that we can be everything he wants and needs. We show them that we can be loyal, honest, caring and unavailable to other men. This is something that most women do and it is not alright. No one should have to prove themselves to someone for a relationship. Men wait to make a decision about getting in a relationship with someone because they need to know what type of female you are, which is fine.

There's nothing wrong with getting to know someone, but proving certain aspects and qualities to a man isn't how things should be. Falling for a person and making them prove themselves in an unconscious way are two different things.

2. No self-limitations for a man

You are precious and any man who wants to be with you will notice that. If you are single, you are single. You are not obligated to no one because you have not seriously committed to be with someone. Keeping yourself away from potential lovers is not the priority when you're single. You should want to enjoy yourself and live your life without any restrictions. Putting all of your eggs in one basket is not ideal. Dating is having the range to get to know whoever you want too. Don't forget that you are limited to no one when you're single.

3. The title is actually needed

A guy will tell you anything to keep you around. As women, we know that we are emotional creatures and we love the fact that someone wants us, but is it okay that someone can string you along without any solidify for the future? A man will tell you that everything is fine with no title and why can't things stay the same. It is called fear. They fear commitment because there's a fear of committing to one person and it blows up into flames in their faces. The title equals commitment.

No, you don't have to bring a title up at the beginning of getting to know someone, but if it's been 8 months, what will you do? Being exclusive, relationship or something else are forms of titles. Don't go one year limiting yourself to a man and you are not in a relationship with him.

I have struggled with this issue throughout my love life and experiences. Being loyal to a man without a title comes easy. You can get sucked up into someone and not realize that you are proving yourself to that person by limiting your dating life and yourself from other opportunities. Learning your worth is essential.

Remember to know that you are special and don't need to prove anything to anyone. Be yourself and someone will like you for you. Not for you to prove your qualities and character to them.