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Love Where You Live

The importance of enjoying the scenery.

Love Where You Live

As freshman in college, the dorms are the center of your fairly small universe. There isn’t much time for adventure (or means of transportation for that matter) as you adjust to new responsibilities and independence. Changes of scenery are a little hard to come by when you’re on a meal plan, busy with classes and sharing a very small space with two roommates. When I first moved out of the dorms as a sophomore, I thought a kitchen, a little more elbow room and a car would allow me more opportunity to explore the greater surroundings. But I still find it’s very easy to get distracted and fail to enjoy the scenery around me. I schedule my day to the minute -- when I’ll go to class, when I’ll do homework, when I’ll go to the gym and when I’ll eat (which now involves planning for groceries).

In San Luis Obispo, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by one of the most breathtaking landscapes in California. I have always appreciated this, but I don’t necessarily “get out there” nearly enough. Clearly I can’t carve three hours out of every day to hike the ridge at Avila or stick my toes in the sand at Pismo Beach, but I can incorporate a change of scenery into my daily routine.

So here is my proposal to us all. Tuck your phone away when you’re walking to class and keep your head up. Eat a meal outside. Find an outdoor spot to study every once in a while instead of retreating to the library. (If you really must go to the library, try finding an outdoor seat when the weather is nice.) Forgo the treadmill in the dark, crowded gym and opt to run in the sunshine instead. Allow yourself some reminders of your beautiful surroundings. If you go to school in a less scenic or weather-prohibitive area, you might need to be a bit more creative. But remove yourself from your same old routine and mix it up sometimes. A window seat, a cozy coffee shop or maybe even a fireplace might do the trick.

It’s spring in SLO, though, and there’s so much it has to offer. Take a good look around and pinch yourself -- this is where you live! Be thankful for the ocean and the hills. Appreciate the mild climate. It’s easy to tell yourself that you could enjoy your surroundings more if you had more time. But you actually do have time. Use it well and add some scenery to your last few weeks on campus.

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