Things We Love When the Weather Gets Cold

So the weather is getting colder as the days go by, and we can't help but get a little excited about what it brings us! Here are all of the things that make us happy when colder weather comes!

1. Wearing a coat without sweating

We all hate those warm days when it's raining and we have to wear a jacket but we hate to because we're just as soaked inside from sweat as we are on the outside from rain. No worrying about that when the weather gets colder!

2. When your breath makes a cloud for the first time!

I always get really excited when I can see my breath for the first time! I'm not the only one, am I?

3. All the best in shoe fashion.

All of the different kinds of boot options you have are just amazing! I love having a variety to choose from!

4. Sweaters.

Cozy knit sweaters and cardigans are the number one thing to wear when you want to stay nice a warm and super comfy!

5. Hot Drinks!

From a soothing cup of hot tea, to a rich mug of hot chocolate, it just doesn't feel the same in the summer! (Be careful not to burn your tongue!)

6. This one's for the ladies--SHAVING OUR LEGS!

Let's face it ladies, shaving our legs can become quite a hassle. But when the weather gets cold and we wear pants all the time, we get to shave less often and that is such a wonderful thing!

7. All of the soup!

Whether it be the classic chicken noodle soup or an over-the-top recipe, soup is the perfect food to warm us up and keep us full!

8. Getting cozy and reading a good book.

Nothing is better than reading one of your favorite books while it's raining (or even snowing) outside. Makes for a perfect day indoors!

9. Enjoying sitting by a toasty warm fire.

This is seriously the best thing to do on a cold evening. Just relax and stay warm!

10.Frost does look pretty magical...

Just look at it.

11. And it just looks simply enchanting outside!

Whether it's the leaves changing or a winter landscape, the scenery is undeniably beautiful!


These are one of my all-time favorite things to wear when it's cold outside! Give me a nice warm pair of wooly socks with a fun print on them and I'll be happy as can be!

13. The first snow of the season!

Admit it, unless you really hate it, you can't contain the excitement that comes with the first snow! (Even if it does melt the moment it hits the ground).

14. Counting down to our favorite holidays!

We can count down to our great Thanksgiving feasts, or get excited over how many Fridays are left until Christmas! Either way it's time to get excited about being able to spend time with those we love the most!

15. Layers upon layers of blankets!

Especially flannel sheets that are so soft and cozy that you never want to get out of bed!

Yes, we can complain about cold weather, but remember: none of these things we love would be really satisfying without it!

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