Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverBoy

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverBoy

17-year-old James Charles breaking down glass ceilings and proving you can do anything your heart desires.

Makeup Artist James Charles Is the Very First Male CoverGirl

Two hours later on Instagram and Twitter and I can declare that I am in love. With whom you make ask? James Charles, the new face of "CoverGirl" is who I now wish could be my best friend and give me tips on becoming a makeup aficionado. I have scrolled through his entire Instagram feed, fawning over each post, admiring the art he creates with eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Even more amazing, he is only 17 and has been taking over the social media world by storm. He can now be mentioned along with names such as Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, Ellen, and Zendaya. On October 11, the CoverGirl family for the first time in 61 years introduced James Charles to their family. Many have flooded to Instagram and other social medias to congratulate him for such an amazing accomplishment.

James Charles, now with 800,000 followers on Instagram, 128,751 subscribers on YouTube, and 87,700 followers on Twitter started off small. His makeup slaying started by simply just watching YouTube makeup tutorials. After doing makeup for one of his friends for prom, he began his Instagram in which he wanted to showcase his talent for his former clients. As his recognition grew, he progressed to YouTube. He began his own journey in December 2015 and the rest is history.

From teaching the world how to create the perfect summer glow to going out of the box with his chunky glitter tutorial and Marve-themed makeup, he never ceases to amaze. His winged eyeliner could honestly kill if you got too close. Every makeup tutorial keeps my eyes glue to the screen as he creates new and inventive ways to do makeup. He makes his face a canvas as he flies through the glass ceiling of what he can go with makeup. Just look at the different creations he has produced simply with his artistic abilities!

Makeup has become such a diverse platform; it accepts those of all genders. It has become an art form anyone can master. Makeup depletes the social boundaries of society and has created an inclusive platform for all. Males such as Patrick Star and Bretman Rock have been slaying the makeup game along with many others. They continue to break down barriers through their tutorials where they highlight and contour like they could do it with their eyes closed. I could only dream to be on their level.

“I love it so much. I am so proud that the makeup world is including everyone, not just race but gender,” freshman Katherine Burroughs said.

“Men are allowed to enjoy and use makeup like women and it’s not just in the realm of drag queens anymore, but just everyday makeup.”

Today, gender norms are being broken every day. Our culture has become immersed with people of all shapes and sizes who are comfortable to express themselves and most importantly be comfortable in their own skin. This “new” culture has been spearheaded by James and others, allowing them to present their wonderful talents to the world. To James, thank you for being an inspiration for all and continue to break boundaries as I know you will.

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