Living with your closest friends in college is a lot like the TV show, Friends, right? Kind of...

The Friends crew at least had a working job and free time in the evening to just hang around, while in college, it can be kind of tricky to even have a margarita night. But I wouldn't think to trade this experience of living like its a slumber party every day for anything else in the world.

Here are 7 reasons why living with great people in college is the absolute best.

1. When its exam season, we all know chores are down the drain.


Being on relatively the same exam period, everyone is a busy bee during that middle and end of the term. Fortunately, since everyone is on this schedule, there is understanding in responsibilities like chores and the availability and capacity to do them. That, of course, does not excuse chores from not being done, but it alleviates the pressure when you know other people can't do their chores this week either.

2. Learn about more organizations and events on campus!


Your roommates are pretty much the plug for random stuff on campus that you're probably not a part of or even heard of! From theater shows, concerts, fun-ragers, movie screenings, and everything else in-between, your schedules combined can make a stacked events calendar. You go to celebrate, to participate, and to support your roomie through it all.

3. You probably have mutual friends.

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You and your roommates most likely have a certain circle/organization that you know mutual people in, which really makes the whole "having people over" a lot more tolerable and fun. Their friends are your friends, so your apartment can become a central hub for a lot of people that come and go.

4. Spilling the tea.


Because y' all share friends, it's a good opportunity to let some venting/spilling tea. Sometimes, you find yourself following a gossip thread of people you really don't know about it, but like a 20-minute sitcom, you find the stories your roomies bring back enticing.

5. Staying in type of nights.


There are nights where your exams ruined you and all you wanna do is watch a good movie, have a drink, and be in the company of others. No need to open your front door when you have willing partners just in the other room to join you! Staying in nights are the best- when you can just get comfy in your pajamas, grab a cold one, and share in said-out-loud observations and thoughts of an old movie or the newest tv show episode.

6. Late night craving trips.


From ice cream trips, donut trips, coffee trips, or a random visit to your local Denny's, asking your roommates is super convenient and fun. I mean, anyone in college is down to take a designated 'study break' at midnight, but going out with your roommates on spontaneous trips saves from the "..." from another person's messenger bubble.

7. Just people to be yourself around.


Let's face it- humans do kinda gross things. We vacuum up food after a long day, leave our dishes for longer than necessary, pass gas in our sleep, and burp so loud, its heard in the other room. Additionally, people have their quirks! Maybe they sing when they do anything, sleep in odd positions, or study all the time or not study at all at home With roommates, they pretty much see it all of your conscious and subconscious behavior, so at some point, you can let go of the formalities and just be yourself.

I love my Fab Five.