26 Of The Most Underrated Feelings In The World
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26 Of The Most Underrated Feelings In The World

Sometimes it's the small things.

26 Of The Most Underrated Feelings In The World

There are so many moments in our lives where those around us expect us to be left breathless. The moment you see the love of your life at the other end or the aisle or the moment you first hold your children in your arms. However, there are also moments, those often overlooked, that leave us with that same overwhelming happiness.

1. Childlike Excitement

Remember when you were little and your parents where taking you to Disney World? Remember how you couldn't sleep the night before? Remember when they would make you go to school and you could not focus because you were thinking of princesses and pirates? How about christmas morning? That is the excitement I am talking about. The pure and innocent. The one that makes you smile brighter and bigger. That is an incredible feeling that leads to incredible memories. I thoroughly live my life in a way that I hope will result in me living in this feeling forever.

2. The Cold Side of A Pillow Against Your Face

3. Hearing A Song That Speaks To You

4. Giving Someone A Hug

This is even more true if you really missed them. To me, a hug is the something powerful. You are sharing a physical connection that does more to the soul and the mind than the body. You feel connected and loved. If you are having a bad day all you need sometimes is a hug. When you are crying, you want a person to wrap their arms around you and squeeze tightly. If you are happy you want to just hug and to celebrate. A hug has the power to make the most empty hearts feel full.

5. Sitting In A Warm Bath

6. Finally Using The Bathroom After Holding It

7. Laying Down In Bed After A Long Day And An Even Longer Night

Readers, you all know the feeling. the feeling when your head touches the pillow and your whole body relax and sinks into your mattress. Your muscles relax and you can literally feel it. You smile and say a prayer before your eyes close all by themselves and you fall fast asleep. It is a natural detox and a natural relaxant. It is a feeling that you wish you felt every night (until you oversleep the next morning).

8. Waking Up Surrounded By Those You Love

When you are constantly waking up early for school or for work you learn to appreciate those vacation days or weekends when you can sleep in and wake up surrounded by those who love. Maybe it is the love of your life. Maybe it is your sibling, cousins, parents. Maybe it is your best friend. Going to sleep and waking up knowing you are going to be immersed in "Good Morning" kisses and unconditional love makes it difficult to wake up grumpy.

9. Your Favorite Meal on A Bad Day

10. Standing Up For Yourself

11. Watching A Sunrise and Sunset

It leaves me speechless, it is either watching a bad day go away and knowing a good one is coming. It is knowing that an incredible night is coming, one where you might actually see the sun rise before going home. It is hope and faith. It is natural beauty especially the Sunrises and Sunsets that have yellow, orange, purple, pink and a spectacle of color.

12. Wanderlust

This one goes hand and hand with traveling to a beautiful place. If you have ever felt the butterflies in your stomach as you board a plane or walked down the gateway and seen a “Welcome to ______” sign and your face lit up. For those of us bit with this bug also know the stir crazy we get when we have not traveled, we feel the strong desire to go see the world around us and meet beautiful people on our journey.

13. Dressing Up and Knowing You Look Good

14. Unconditional Love

15. Nostalgia

Remember when… This entire article almost reflects this. Thinking back on all the moments that your heart was full makes your heart more full. Thinking back on Prom Night, thinking on specific days in high school, specific vacations, specific late night conversations, specific difficult moments, specific thoughts. Those little memories and moments help the world go round on bad days. In a more tangible way its the feeling you get when looking at old pictures.

16. Seeing Two People You Love, Love Each other

I feel this when I see my little brother protect my little sister. He holds her gently, looks at her with love, and is so proud of her. I feel it when I see my best friend and my brother joke around and “cuddle”. He opens up to sometimes more than he does to me. I feel it when I am sitting at a dinner table surrounded by my family and friends and see everyone coming together and talking, hanging out and laughing.

17. Getting a 100% On an Assignment or Your Boss Commending You On A Job Well Done

18. Blasting Music and Singing At The Top Of Your Lungs

19. A Child’s Laughter

The belly laugh your niece or nephew makes. The giggles from the baby at the grocery store after his mom tickled him. The innocence of a life without hurt its magical it is beautiful. They say laughter is contagious well a child’s laughter must be the flu because nothing you do can stop the warm and fuzzy feeling you get.

20. Participating In Something You Love

Wether it be a class or a job or a sport. If you look forward to it and are passionate thats the best feeling. Living in a moment and thinking wow, I am going to miss this or knowing you are actively making memories. Very few things beat that.

21. The First Few Seconds Of A Hot Shower

22. Getting an Adrenaline Rush

23. The Look On Someones Face With A Lightbulb Moment

Have you ever taught someone something knew? Have you ever explained your feelings or a complex topic to someone you are close to? That look in their eyes that say “Wow, now I get it!” not only makes you feel proud for them but for yourself. They learned something new and it was all because of you.

24. Watching Wedding Videos (but that might just be me)

I have an obsession with wedding videos. Even as a little kid. In fourth grade I went to school on take your child to work day because my teacher was going to play her wedding video. I watch videos of speeches, first dances, and my favorite- of grooms sobbing as they see there brides. I found a website called Love Stories TV and its basically Youtube for the wedding obsessed. I have calculated the price of my dream wedding ( a little scary) and I just love it. Want to make me smile? Show me wedding videos.

25. Finally Being Able To Breathe After A Bad Cold

26. Walking Into Target or Your Favorite Store

27. Counting Down To The New Year

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