9 Little Things That Matter In Relationships

9 Little Things That Matter In Relationships

Its the little things that take up the most room in our heart.

“Wow this the best relationship I’ve ever been in, where has he been my whole life!” Chances are you’ve said this before…Have you ever been in a relationship that seemed exceptional, and made you wonder why this one was so much better than the past ones?

Yes, you are dating someone different than before but chances are this new relationship that seems so beautiful has a lot of the little things that you might not have gotten before. Sometimes when someone does a lot of the little things, you don’t know how to handle it because you’ve never been treated like this before. It's okay, learn to accept the little things! The little things in a relationship are what matter because these are the things that show they care.

Here are a few of the little things that can make a relationship healthy!

1. Write notes

Writing notes seems the really old school, I know but writing someone a note is special. It means they took time out of their day to sit down and think about what they wanted to say to you. Writing someone a note is also a good reminder of how much you care about that person. Not to mention notes can be kept and be reread, so they can read it when they need to be reminded of how much you mean to them.

2. Send them something that made you think of them

If you’re scrolling through Facebook and see something that makes you think of that special someone, send it to them! Think about how this makes you feel. Doesn’t it make you feel special to know that someone is thinking about you while they’re going through their day? Send them a song that you think reminds you of them. These few little things can make someone’s day go from okay to great!

3. Good morning text

Isn’t it such a special feeling when you wake up to a text from the one that special someone? Text that special someone in the morning so they know you’re thinking about them in the morning. Give them a reason to start their day with a smile. Say something like “Good morning Cutie; I hope your day is as bright as your smile” It’s okay if it’s cheesy, cheesily is good! Cheesy makes people laugh!

4. Surprise them

Surprises are fun! You don’t have to make a big deal of it and make it a huge surprise; you can do something small. The little things mean just as much as the big things! Write your special someone a note and leave it somewhere they least expect. Leave it on their vehicle while they’re at work or school. This will make them smile when they leave. This shows you mean something to them because you went out of your way to do something to make them happy. Surprise them when yourself when you know they need it most. Just swing by to say hey and hug them. Sometimes a hug can make that special someone feel so much better. Especially because this shows, you care and will be there for them no matter what.

5. Show interest in what they are doing

If they are doing something, you know nothing about asking questions. Tell the person you like you think what they are doing is cool. Ask them if there is any way you can help them. This is something straightforward that makes people feel like you care. Even if you honestly don’t care when you learn more about it, you might care about it more. We all enjoy it when people show interest in what we are doing!

6. Hug Them Tight

Hug them tight! Something about a tight hug is very personable. This tight squeeze means you support them and you are there for them. Not to mention how nice tight hug feel! It’s almost as if they are putting back the pieces of your broken heart. Tight hugs are a way of saying I care a lot about you. Remember it's not about what you say, it's about what you do!

7. Be Supportive

This may seem like common sense, but not everyone thinks about it. When someone you like is having a hard time, support them! Support every choice in life they make. The choices they make are the right thing at that moment in time. They may have made that choice because of something you know nothing about. Since you are their significant other, be there for them. Talk to them!

8. Do something they enjoy

Relationships are about the give and take rule right? Sometimes we do things our significant other likes to make them happy. We need to do things they enjoy, and then we learn to appreciate them. Sometimes our significant others expose us to the new stuff, and these new things become the things we love.

9. Open up

I know this might seem like a hard thing to do, but when you do, you open a new window of opportunity. You allow that other person to begin to see deeper into who you are. This allows them to uncover more about why you are the way you are, and why you chose to do some things you do. Opening up to someone is tough, so when someone does open up to you, they’re telling you they trust you. They see that you will be there to support their past and help them through to the future.

In the end, these are all little things that help take a relationship from good to exceptional. These are little ways to show the person you like how much you care. If you aren’t a very affectionate person, this helps you show how much you care because you are talking little step to better the relationship. Remember people show how much they care about someone in lots of different ways. You don’t need to make a scene every time you want to show someone you care. These little things help show you care.


Be the reason someone smiles! People will remember how you make them feel! Make sure when people remember how you made them feel you've done them feel good!

Take the next step today, do the little things in a relationship and make someone feel special. In the end, you’ll feel good because you've done them happy!

Cover Image Credit: Kendall Gatewood

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10 Ways Girls Can Tell That A Guy Likes Them

Sometimes guys are a little more obvious than they realize...

Through my experience, I have seen how for some reason, guys are a little more obvious in showing their feelings than girls are. Yes, guys have a lot of pressure when it comes to being expected to talk to the girl first or be the one to make the first move. But sometimes it’s a lot easier than you think to express your feelings towards someone. And these are the top ten things that girls notice guys do, whether it’s intentional or not.

1. The look

Any girl who has experienced this knows what I’m talking about. The look that shows he is in a trance and is just trying to figure out what to say next. He’s trying to stay calm, cool and collected while his heart is simultaneously shaking. As a girl, this stare can be flattering but can also be very intimidating if you are not one who enjoys being stared at. So, if you’re anything like me, you are probably just sitting there worrying about whether or not there is something on your face the entire time.

2. His friends try to embarrass him in front of you

Sometimes guys can be hard to read, but when it comes to embarrassing each other in front of girls or someone their friend likes, they are downright obvious. See, while girls will usually keep it low key by nudging or whispering to their friend, guys have no shame in using physical signals to draw a girls attention. Whether it’s throwing something at their friend, pushing them toward her or making the obvious “AHEM!” noise when she walks by, they enjoy every minute of embarrassing each other. While some girls may find this obnoxious, I actually find it quite hilarious. If there’s anything guys are good at, it’s being entertaining and plus, that friend just helped me clarify something I could otherwise only assume, so thanks!

3. He gets awkward or nervous around you

I have to say, this is my favorite. Girls usually expect guys to make the first move; which includes anything from walking up to her first, to following up with her by sending the first text or making the first phone call. I can definitely say that I support this and expect it as well. I feel that any guy who has the guts to do what many guys now-a-days see as crazy, is worth my time having a conversation with. As girls, we know that we expect a lot, so any guy who is willing to step up to the plate deserves a lot more attention than the 2am snapchatter. So, whether it’s talking too fast, blinking a lot, not being able to keep eye contact or slipping in an accidental obvious compliment, girls appreciate it. It’s not only flattering, but comforting as well. In many cases, the girl may be just as nervous and is just better at hiding it than the guy is! This is not something to be embarrassed of but rather to be proud of, because using social media as a way to get a girl’s attention is not the way to go.

4. He asks a lot of questions

For the most part, if a guy is interested in a girl, he’s going to want to know more about her. So this is how girls sense if a guy is into them or not. Usually, girls can tell the difference in a guy’s questions as to what his intentions are. So no, the question, “can you send me a pic?” is not a good sign. However, asking about who she is and the things she likes is definitely a way that girls can sense your feelings towards them.

Personally, I can’t say that I ask my best guy friend the same questions I ask a guy I like because they are not the same things that I would want to know about a guy I might end up dating. So here’s a tip: If you and a girl get into a deep conversation and the questions are flowing between the two of you, chances are, there is some spark of interest there.

5. He texts back quickly

Most girls understand this struggle. I know I cannot speak for every girl out there but us girls usually struggle with guys’ abilities to text back fast. If a girl likes a guy, chances are she wants to talk to you about 90% of the time (with the other 10% of time spent doing her makeup of course). A quick text back or relatively continuous conversation shows a girl that you are interested and want to keep talking to her.

6. He remembers what you said

Let’s face it, most guys don’t listen. If they aren’t thinking about sex or sports, chances are they are not going to be thinking about how your nail polish color’s name is cherry sunshine twist; let alone remember it. So guys, this is how a girl can tell if you like them. If you care enough to remember something personal about her (not necessarily meaning the name of her nail polish color) and you make that known, she will definitely get the hint.

7. He asks about past relationships

Unless you are my best guy friend who already knows the ins and outs of my past relationships, chances are you want to know a lot more than you do. If a guy brings up past relationships, girls typically get the vibe of curiosity based on interest. Guys who have some sort of interest in a girl will most likely bring up past relationships to “see where she is at” mentally and emotionally, so that they can decide whether or not proceeding any further is a good idea. Nothing screams “I LIKE YOU” than the typical line guys use when the ex boyfriend is brought up; “He’s missing out”. Any negative shots you make at the ex boyfriend about how stupid he is for letting her go is an automatic point to yes that you are interested in her.

8. He’s himself, even in front of his friends

I can tell you that there is nothing more annoying than a guy with multiple personalities. A typical complaint from girls is that their boyfriend or the guy they like talks or acts different towards them in front of his friends. Yes we all have our unique relationships with our friends and that can cause us to be more outgoing or more shy around certain people. But any guy who literally speaks or acts different to a girl in front of his friends, lacks confidence and that is a turn off. This is why if you engage in conversation with a girl in front of your friends, not only does it show your confident but how you feel comfortable enough to act the same way around her, as people you are already close to.

9. He compliments you

This is usually an obvious one. Yes there are guys that suck and try to use compliments as a way to get what they want but I’m talking about the other kind. A real compliment is something meaningful about the girl that shows your admiration for her as a person.

10. He goes above and beyond with dates

It’s simple. Effort=interest. I know damn well that a guy who just wants to “get it” isn’t going to waste his time planning a special date to really get to know a girl who he wants to be with. Now I’m not necessarily talking about going to a Broadway musical or a five star restaurant (but hey if that’s your thing, go for it). I mean more on the lines of making sure it’s something that is memorable and that you would both enjoy. Every girl enjoys different things. Putting in an extravagant amount of effort to get a girl to fall for you is not what I’m saying. Rather you show the effort that you are willing to put in to be with her.
Cover Image Credit: pexels.com

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To The Boy I’ve Been Dating Since I Was 15, I Always Knew You Were My Forever

Thank you for showing me love when I thought I didn't deserve any.


Hey you,

People assumed our "fling" would only last a few short months. It's what everyone assumes when your first love happens during your sophomore year of high school. Yet here we stand, three and a half years later, more together than we've ever been. Although we've had our ups and downs, we still managed to keep our relationship going and to remember why we're together in the first place.

Many say loving isn't easy, but you make it a walk in the park.

You respect me in more ways than one, and you make me feel beautiful, inside and out. For a long time, I never noticed the beauty and strength I have within myself. I didn't see what others would point out to me, and at times I still find it hard to acknowledge my worth. However, you came into my life at a time when I felt I had no one, and you helped me to see all I have to offer. You helped me to open my mind to the thought of loving myself for who I am, and although the road is long and I'm not completely there, you've made me see how worthy of love I truly am.

Having you as my best friend, along with being my boyfriend, is the most rewarding feeling in the world.

I think the reason we rarely fight or stay angry with each other is that we truly are best friends. We could spend all of our time in deep conversation about any topic in the world and still feel engaged and ready to hear more from one another. Every single day I learn something new about you and vice versa. We can be ourselves in each other's presence and have fun doing absolutely nothing exciting. I am easily annoyed by a lot of things, but you are not one of them. Being with you for hours, even if we just watch TV the entire time, never gets repetitive or boring.

You treated me with the respect I deserved before I even realized I was worthy of it.

In many ways, I don't respect myself. Whether it be body image or letting "friends" walk all over me, I let many thoughts and people control my life. You, however, were the saving grace I needed. You've shown me how I deserve to be treated and how I should think of myself. Often I wonder how I got so lucky to end up with someone who loves me unconditionally and who values everything I have to offer. I say all the time that I don't deserve your heart, your kindness, your love, but you always remind me that I do. And I'm starting to realize that you're right; I deserve every bit of love, kindness, and respect that you have to offer. I can only hope that I award you with the same love and selflessness you give me every single day.

Three and a half years with someone may seem extremely long, but I feel as though we've been together a lifetime. It's hard to remember a time when you weren't right there beside me, and I would never want to imagine a future without you in it. There are so many more laughs, adventures, and memories to be made with you, and I only hope that I can be at least half of the person you are.

Thank you for pulling me out of the darkness. Today, tomorrow, and always.

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