This generation is so corrupt and misguided with its ideas of what a man is and how he should conduct himself. We also have lost the value of the woman, and now it effects how men treat us. When men who represent what was once considered the norm come around, we act like they are aliens who just landed on earth.

This year's Oscars showed us that we really don't see true gentlemen that often anymore and that as women, we really need to raise our expectations.

Last month at the Vanity-Fair Oscars party, the world watched as Russell Wilson kneeled down to straighten Ciara's, his wife of three years, gown on the red carpet. Naturally, this action was caught on camera and sent social media up in an uproar. Most of the comments were about how sweet and loving Russell is, and how great of an example of a man and husband he is.

All of which is true.

Russell has shown us numerous times how much of a gentleman he is and how a man should love on his wife. What surprised me were the comments of how Russell is "soft" and not taking the "dominant role" in their relationship.

I just think it is so sad that people can slander a man for loving his wife! It used to be that we had too many expectations for a man, and now it seems that we have too little.

Ladies, we have to stop lowering our standards...period.

Maybe then guys won't clown men who are doing what they are supposed to do and will aspire to be like them. There is no reason we should be this surprised that a man fixed his woman's dress.

We also have to stop with these gender expectations. Who cares if Ciara is the breadwinner in the relationship (even though he is a pretty hot commodity himself)? That is perfectly fine. Men are not the only ones allowed to make money, demand respect, and live in the spotlight.

At the end of the day, your relationship is just that: yours! Your man should love and respect you in public and in private, and he should not be ashamed to do so. The same goes for women.

The low standards, gender expectations, and stereotypes must die.