Ladies, Ditch The Dude Expecting You To Pick Pearls Over Jeans
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Ladies, Ditch The Dude Expecting You To Pick Pearls Over Jeans

Pick the guy that lets you be your crazy, goofy self and ditch the dude expecting you to pick pearls over jeans.

Ladies, Ditch The Dude Expecting You To Pick Pearls Over Jeans

We all tell little white lies here and there, but when it comes to your crush should you really be telling any no matter how small they seem? As time goes on the "little" lies you told to get his attention will grow bigger and bigger, until eventually, you're just pretending to be someone you're not.

Maybe he's really into hiking but you're not the outdoorsy type, or it's possible he's a giant UNC fan but you're more of an NC State girl. So then you might find yourself sweating and out of breath on the side of a mountain, or chanting for your least favorite team in the world on the sidelines, just to show that you "share" common interests (even though you don't at all).

You might be able to get away with these fibs for a while but why would you want to? Not that I'm Ms. Perfect, because you can bet I've gotten myself caught in this situation a time or two before, but each time I've found it to be an extreme waste of time.

After the lies come uncovered (because they will eventually) we ended up not genuinely liking each other.

There was one guy in particular that I had the biggest crush on. All his past girlfriends were very preppy, they wore Lilly Pulitzer and pearl earrings- so I started dressing just like them. Usually, my style is more laid back, so even though I liked some of my new wardrobe, it just didn't make me feel comfortable.

I was trying to fit into this box that wasn't built for me, instead of just letting him get to know who I really am. Needless to say, the relationship didn't work out.

Instead of going out of your way to impress a guy, just be yourself. What a concept! Wear the kind of clothes you want to, listen to whatever music make you happy, and don't try to change yourself to get a guy to like you.

If you spend all this time acting like something that you're not he'll never know you on a deeper level. To be able to have a healthy relationship there has to be honesty, even from the start!

Also, what kind of guys are you into that you have to change things about yourself in order for them to like you? If that's the case then it sounds like he's not even worth the trouble anyways. Why change for him? Why give up pieces of yourself to impress someone that doesn't like you for you?

Don't waste your time on guys like this. Whenever you find the right one, he'll accept you just as you are. He'll love you despite your flaws and won't expect you to change who you are for him.

So when thinking about your crush, think "do I have to become someone else for him to love me, or can I just be me?" Pick the guy that lets you be your crazy, goofy self and ditch the dude expecting you to pick pearls over jeans.

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