I am a millennial, a hopeless romantic and a firm believer that human connection and love will always conquer all. I am fine with being a hopeless romantic. Call me a hopeless romantic. I am fine with the fact that I believe that marriages are made to last forever. I am fine with the fact that I still believe people have soulmates and will find each other one day. And I believe every heartbreak is just one step closer to actually finding the one.

I don't think marrying young is ambitious or naive; I think if you really love someone and you know that you are willing to go through it and share your life with them then yeah, go for it. Sign all of the government papers and throw a ginormous party to celebrate. I don't think that is naive. I do not think love is only for people who have already graduated college and have a full-time job.

I am a hopeless romantic because I see romantic comedies and still believe that those stories could happen in real life. I know that the chances of them happening in real life may be low, but is that so bad to believe that maybe two people who bump into each other on a sidewalk of Manhattan end up falling in love and getting married after a couple of years of various twists and turns? Maybe that makes me a silly girl, but so be it.

l still completely believe in happily ever after. I still believe in fairy tales. Not necessarily a glass slipper as the clock strikes midnight fairy tale, but more of a wow, I am fully in love with this person and they love me too fairy tale. That's what I believe in.

There's a lot of divorce in my family, and after some seriously rough relationships, my parents were still able to find each other. I also know couples who have been together since high school and are going into their 50th year of marriage. Those are the fairy tales I believe in.

I also believe in dating to marry. Who knows what the future will bring? My life and relationships could be completely different in a year, I know. But I also don't think it's dumb to believe that I am 19 years old and may have met the man I am going to marry. If that makes me a blind optimist, then so be it. I would rather have hope that true love exists than being scared every day that my relationship won't work out. So I choose to believe in love despite the fact that millennials only communicate over the phone.

I choose to believe in fairy tales and happily ever after and true love. So yes, I am a hopeless romantic. And I don't think anything is wrong with that.

"Above all things, I believe in Love." - Ewan McGregor

Song of the Week: "All On Me" - Devin Dawson