A Letter To The 'Fans'

We all know that celebrities often know what they are getting into when they become famous, and if they don’t, they find out real soon. Fans can actually be crazy. There have been many recent stories about fans going too far to touch, hug, and meet their idols. Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint while staying at a hotel in Paris, Ally Brooke Hernandez from Fifth Harmony encountered two scary situations where a fan rushed the stage for her and grabbed her in the airport, Kanye West had a fan try climbing the suspended stage in order to get closer to him and Gigi Hadid had a potential attacker come up to her from behind. Gigi did throw a powerful elbow. The videos below show how startling and scary these scenarios can be.

Situations like this have been around forever, but in today’s society, they are only even scarier and go far beyond them referring to them as dad or mom on social media. You never know when fans cross the line between being devoted and being simply uncalled for. I’m definitely a fan of many artists, actors and actresses, and celebrities but would never do anything to put their life or mine in danger. Fans should care for their own safety as well as the safety for the celebrities. Fans shouldn’t think it is okay to rush a stage or drag them in for a hug. We get that the pop star may have helped you through your toughest of times but there are ways to show that without an aggressive, scary gesture.

I just want these so-called “fans” to realize that these celebrities are people too and don’t deserve to be dragged down for a hug. Keep your love for them by supporting what they’re doing.

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