A Letter to Myself: You were wrong.

A Letter to Myself: You were wrong.


Research shows that by the time you turn twenty one, you will have already met the person that you're going to spend the rest of your life with. For me, that is a crazy, mind-numbing thought. I remember being in high school, thinking that I couldn't wait to find "the one" because I couldn't imagine any of the boys I knew having a future, let alone having a future with me. Now that I've grown up a little, I realize that I was wrong. Just because someone wasn't right for me, doesn't mean that they aren't right for anyone. I've watched (from afar) so many of the boys I've graduated with turn into the most amazing individuals; full time jobs, professional networks, even becoming fathers who provide for their families. And to be honest, I couldn't be more proud of them. I am excited that they have come this far and are pushing themselves to be the best version of themselves. Fast forward a few years, and we're all getting old. Some of us are earning degrees, some of us are buying houses, some of us are starting families; the point is, life is happening. Life is a long road that I believe should not be spent alone, but I also believe that you shouldn't spend it with the wrong person. So as you get older, take a look around. You might find that you were wrong, too.

Let's start at the beginning- you were wrong about all of those boys in high school. You were wrong about them having a future and about them making something of themselves. You were wrong when you thought that you would be alone forever, and you were wrong about what you thought you wanted to do with the rest of your life. You were wrong about where you wanted to go to school, and who you thought you were supposed to be. You were wrong about every single one of your life predictions, and you were wrong about other people's expectations. You were wrong to think that you'd never feel a deeper connection with someone, and you were even more wrong when you imagined who it would be with. You were wrong when you told yourself that "high school is over, and so is this." You were wrong about him. You were wrong when you told yourself that he was unmotivated and you were wrong when you told yourself that you weren't good enough. You were wrong when you told yourself that it would never work out, and you were wrong about what you thought you were capable of. You were wrong when you told yourself that he didn't care about you, and you were wrong when you told yourself that you didn't care about him. You were wrong when you thought it was just the beginning of something, but you were also wrong when you thought it was the end. You were wrong and you know it.

Things are always changing. Times are changing, people are changing, life is changing. As we get older, we begin to realize that we can only allow certain people to be in our lives. They have to earn it, or else, what's the point? We get to make the decision of what is right for us, and how we live our lives. When faced with these questions, we can't let the past get in the way. Now is now, but we live for the future. It's time for you to start being right.

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Sorry Not Sorry, My Parents Paid For My Coachella Trip

No haters are going to bring me down.

With Coachella officially over, lives can go back to normal and we can all relive Beyonce’s performance online for years to come. Or, if you were like me and actually there, you can replay the experience in your mind for the rest of your life, holding dear to the memories of an epic weekend and a cultural experience like no other on the planet.

And I want to be clear about the Beyonce show: it really was that good.

But with any big event beloved by many, there will always be the haters on the other side. The #nochella’s, the haters of all things ‘Chella fashion. And let me just say this, the flower headbands aren’t cultural appropriation, they’re simply items of clothing used to express the stylistic tendency of a fashion-forward event.

Because yes, the music, and sure, the art, but so much of what Coachella is, really, is about the fashion and what you and your friends are wearing. It's supposed to be fun, not political! Anyway, back to the main point of this.

One of the biggest things people love to hate on about Coachella is the fact that many of the attendees have their tickets bought for them by their parents.

Sorry? It’s not my fault that my parents have enough money to buy their daughter and her friends the gift of going to one of the most amazing melting pots of all things weird and beautiful. It’s not my fault about your life, and it’s none of your business about mine.

All my life, I’ve dealt with people commenting on me, mostly liking, but there are always a few that seem upset about the way I live my life.

One time, I was riding my dolphin out in Turks and Cacaos, (“riding” is the act of holding onto their fin as they swim and you sort of glide next to them. It’s a beautiful, transformative experience between human and animal and I really think, when I looked in my dolphin’s eye, that we made a connection that will last forever) and someone I knew threw shade my way for getting to do it.

Don’t make me be the bad guy.

I felt shame for years after my 16th birthday, where my parents got me an Escalade. People at school made fun of me (especially after I drove into a ditch...oops!) and said I didn’t deserve the things I got in life.

I can think of a lot of people who probably don't deserve the things in life that they get, but you don't hear me hating on them (that's why we vote, people). Well, I’m sick of being made to feel guilty about the luxuries I’m given, because they’ve made me who I am, and I love me.

I’m a good person.

I’m not going to let the Coachella haters bring me down anymore. Did my parents buy my ticket and VIP housing? Yes. Am I sorry about that? Absolutely not.

Sorry, not sorry!

Cover Image Credit: Kaycie Allen

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Can The Pacers Upset Lebron & The Cavs?

The Dethroning of King James

In order to defeat Cleveland, Victor Oladipo and the Pacers will need to re-create their game 1 success in three areas.

This regular season, the Pacers have only played one national TV game - Paul George’s return to Indiana on December 13th, a 5 point win for the Thunder.

Game 1 of Round 1 against the Cavaliers showed a glimpse of what the Pacers have been like this season. The addition of Victor Oladipo has added toughness and they have the potential to be the surprise team of the postseason. Here’s what they did in game 1 and what they need to continue to do, to upset Lebron.

Push the Pace

Indiana fuels its offense with forcing turnovers, having the league’s fifth-best turnover rate. Whether it’s Collison’s passing prowess (he led the NBA in assist-turnover ratio—seriously), or Stephenson’s occasional miracle isolation baskets, or Sabonis cutting for a poster slam, the Pacers have managed to take advantage of holes and counterpunch against any adjustments opponents make. Oladipo was one of the NBA’s 15 best players this season, and the Pacers have a chance to win when he’s on the floor.

Exploit Kevin Love

Against the Cavalier’s poor defense (ranked 29th), the Pacers relentlessly attacked Kevin Love’s defense. Forward Bojan Bogdanovic, who scored 14.3 points per game this season, isn’t the quickest player, but he’s capable of putting the ball on the floor, especially against slow defenders like Love. If the Cavaliers try hiding Love on defense by putting him on one of Indiana’s forwards—Thaddeus Young, or Trevor Booker—any of them could still screen for their ball handlers, Oladipo or Collison.

The Pacers gained their huge 20 point lead in the first quarter and Oladipo finished the game with 32 points, many of those points coming when Love was setting his screen. Oladipo was able to zip inside to the paint or fling a pass to the outside with supreme accuracy, They can’t have Love switch onto Oladipo, or he’ll get cooked. But even if LeBron or someone else is guarding Oladipo, he can still score buckets from all over the floor.

He’s been a killer from beyond the arc all season long. He’s hit five game-tying, go-ahead, or game-winning shots in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter and in overtime. He’s clutch because he’s so potent (35.4 percent, to be exact) pulling up for 3s. Oladipo is streaky, but the highs are high, and right now he’s soaring.

Lebron Stoppers?

Going forward, forward Thaddeus Young could be a huge part of any adjustments the Pacers make; the veteran forward didn’t defend LeBron for a single possession in Game 1. But during the regular season, he was tasked with containing Giannis Antetokounmpo, and he played a significant role against Ben Simmons.

The Pacers could try putting Young on LeBron from the opening tip in Game 2 to throw a new challenge at the Cavs. Of course, teams need to be one step ahead in the playoffs, which is why coaching can be such a significant factor in team success.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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