A Letter To My Sisters In Theta Nu
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A Letter To My Sisters In Theta Nu

Some of the best times in college so far have been here; I have found my place where I belong.

A Letter To My Sisters In Theta Nu
Bree Ask

I first want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for encouraging me to be a better person, to guide me in stepping out of my comfort zone, supporting any of my decisions and allowing me to be 100 percent me.

When I ran home on bid day, I did not only gain a nice looking mansion to hang out in, I gained a group of amazing women that I can call not only my sorority sisters but family! There is a feeling I had throughout recruitment that always made me know I was safe here, and I was welcomed as myself and only myself. I did not have to change for anyone, and I had no worries in the world. When I think of home, I think of here, I think of all the stories we’ve told, adventures we’ve gone on and the amount of sleep we lost from having way too much fun. Some of the best times in college so far have been here; I have found my place where I belong.

I have a big that is not the clingy one you see in movies where the little-big match up is practically the same person. I was blessed with a big that laughs at my quirky self and is there for me whenever I need something. She allows me to grow as an individual and make friends with everyone in our house. I am excited for you to help me in finding the perfect little for me and sharing all the stories with you from recruitment that you missed out on while helping all the potential new members find their home. I thank you for allowing me to have a new appreciation for writing and those long neck animals we call giraffes. And I will never in a million years forget the moment of you crying out your eyes on Rho Gam Surprise when you nearly tackled me!

Thank you to those that will drive me to any ice cream or frozen yogurt shop to help with my addiction that really needs to stop, for those sisters that will go on hour long walks with me around Greek Row so we can people watch, and those that have dance parties on the outside deck with me. I never thought that I would always have at least one friend always there to do something with, but turns out I have over 100.

Thank you for not judging my crazy personality, my creeper status spying techniques, my love for cereal, crazy dancing in the stairs, playing country music super loud in the bathroom and my interesting laugh to say the least. Most of you have seen me through my good times and my bad, when we come home and chat forever about the cute guys we met that night or the things that make us crazy mad. No matter which one it is, you are all so ready to hear what is going on.

So, thank you, to my sisters of the Theta Nu Chapter of Delta Delta Delta at Washington State University for allowing me to be me, and for being yourselves. You have all made an impact in my life, big or small, all in just one year! As we gather around each other and welcome this new pledge class into our sisterhood, please don’t forget to be friendly and include everyone just as we do now. Even though in the stress of schoolwork, jobs and personal life, we all can come back to a safe environment to which we call home, in the words of Alicia followed by Olivia’s dab, “The Tri Deezy Mansion.”

Here’s to my three more years in college and walking home here, and a lifetime of forever saying I am a Tri Delta girl with the pearls, pines, pansies and trident. Delta love and all of mine!

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