An Open Letter To My Sorority, From A Graduating Senior

An Open Letter To My Sorority, From A Graduating Senior

It's not just for four years, but for life.

To My Sisters:

In the next two weeks, I will change from an active member to an alumna of our amazing chapter. The last four years have flown by, and have been an emotional roller coaster of major life changes. Through all the accomplishments, experiences, heartbreaks, and drama, one thing has remained constant—the love and support I receive from you. Through my four years at NC State, my Pi Phi sisters have supported me, encouraged me, and stood by my side through the whirlwind that has been my undergraduate career. In a school that hosts 30,000 students, my sisters have helped me find my place, and Pi Phi has become my home.

It hasn't always been easy. In a group of this many girls, there's bound to be drama. Living in a house with 40 of them, I can say I've had my fair share. But then again, think about the type of relationship you have with your siblings. My biological sister and I fight all the time, but at the end of the day, the love and support we have for each other outweighs any drama that exists between us. It's the same with you guys. In fact, although we don't have any biological ties, we still consider each other family, and that means so much to me. You guys truly embody the definition of the term "sister," and I'm unbelievably grateful for all the unforgettable moments we've shared.

Thank you. For teaching me the values our founders created, and passing down the traditions of generations of Pi Phis before us. Thank you for the bid card you gave me four years ago that provided me the opportunity to be a part of the legacy that is our chapter. Thanks to you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a little brighter each day. Thank you not only for being there for some of the best moments of my life, but really helping me through the difficult ones. Friendships aren't always easy, but your support through the tough moments shows me that relationships like ours are meant to last.

You can't see sisterhood. It's impossible to define in a single sentence. The essence of it lies in generations of experience, tied together through rituals and traditions, and passed down to create an everlasting legacy. It's eternal. It's a smile on the way to class, a hug when you're having a bad day, and so many other wonderful things. It's shared values and goals achieved. You can't see it, but you always know it's there. Difficult to understand from the outside, and impossible to explain from the inside. It's one of the greatest gifts I've received, all thanks to you guys.

I'm going to miss so much. The notion of no more date functions, socials, sisterhood events, and catered meals (especially this one) makes my heart hurt. But in these last few weeks, I'm really starting to understand that the bonds created in an organization like ours truly aren't just four years, but for life. My college experience was directly shaped by my membership in Pi Beta Phi, and the experiences I've had are now memories I will cherish for a lifetime. As nervous and anxious as I am to embark on this next chapter in my life, I feel better knowing the letters I so proudly wear remind me that I'll always have by sisters behind me to support and encourage me along the way. I wish the very best for each and every one of you. You inspire me to be the best version of myself, and for that I'm forever grateful.



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10 Tips On How Not To Waste Your Time When You're Traveling

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We ended up spending about $10 to us the T, which isn't bad, but we spent $30 on parking and $45 on Uber rides, which wasn't bad until our last driver took the long way. If we had researched the area a little better, we might have been able to find things to do in the area we were staying, or map out a route to take using public transportation.

1. Book your hotel in the area you want to visit

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If you fly a lot, you know TSA security checks can make or break your trip. If you're deemed low risk, you can get through security faster. Apply on the TSA website—

10. Don't just look at hotels

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For international travelers, hostels can be great. Some will let you stay for free if you do a few chores. Other great choices are Air BnBs and even camping. I also had a friend who couch surfed through an app, but do that at your own risk.

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