Hey Sis, Read This Before You Start Your Senior Year
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Hey Sis, Read This Before You Start Your Senior Year

Listen to me just this once, please.

Hey Sis, Read This Before You Start Your Senior Year
Photo by Ava Chovanec

Hey sis.

I know you don't like to listen to me much, but as you enter your senior year, I want you to listen to this.

You are about to start your senior year of high school, which is crazy to me. It seems like it was just yesterday Dad and I were coming to see you at the hospital as my plastic heels were clacking down the hallway and I had my bag of Cheetos in my hands.

But I want you to enjoy this last year of being in high school because after this times flies fast and it's time to grow up.

Go to every sports game possible. Go to every dance. Have some school spirit because despite what people say, school spirit isn't lame and it's okay to have fun and dress up on dress-up days.

Go to the parties and hang out with your friends because, after graduation, you'll all part ways and won't see each other for months and months.

Appreciate home. Appreciate Mom and Dad and everything they do for us, you'll miss it when you're gone. Enjoy the home-cooked meals and family time. Spend as much time with them as you can.

Do everything you want to do this year because next fall will be a whole new ball game. This year is the start of more opportunities and experiences, so take advantage.

One thing I want you to do is not stress. Don't stress about your GPA, SAT and ACT scores. Try your best, but don't stress. You are going to end up at a great school next year and be fine. You'll end up wherever you want to, so stop being so hard on yourself. Don't let the stress of getting into college take away your fun this year because you will get in.

I know we fight a lot, but you know I'm here for you if you need anything. Life troubles, boy troubles, school troubles, anything.

You're not smaller than me anymore, but you'll always be my little sister. Have fun and soak up every minute of your senior year.


Your not-so-big sister.

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