A Letter To My Beloved Marine

A pre-vow to your pre-proposal (the one I'm not supposed to tell anyone about). A little late for that, I'm kinda sorry.

You don't like public displays of affection; you like to keep our love private, intimate.

Just me and you.

Photo taken by Daniella Escoto

Is it believable to say you hate photo shoots and taking pictures?

Well trust me...you do. You do them for me and you tell me every single time it's just to make me smile.

You don't like clubbing, parties and obnoxious drunk people getting out of hand; you like drinking around a bonfire with the only people you actually care about and worth your attention.

You don't like being busy all day and having to worry about 50 things; you like pretty much to have a relaxing day other than your obvious job in the Marines.

You hate... HATE... HATE being questioned. With you, there should never be a question, you show your commitment endlessly every single day.

You're great, fantastic, amazing actually...at pushing everyone away even me. You've pushed me to the absolute edge & yet I'm still here. Still fighting & still not letting it get to me but it has. But I won't tell you of course. Please just stop. I won't stop fighting, I told you I'm still here...

You hate being the center of attention, but you like being the only thing that has my constant attention.

You're hard on yourself...a lot actually...too much...

Don't be.

You are a perfectionist. Everything and when I say everything, I mean all of it has to be perfect and exceed that.

I like that about you, it means you strive to do your hardest especially with factors that mean everything to you.

Everything you hate about yourself. I adore. Not only that but it makes everything about you worthwhile and honestly keeps entertained. Then you get mad at your dumb video games in loosing or when the military likes to surprise you mandatory meetings or random stuff you have to do when you're on your way to my place. (Yeah, I was mad that day too. I only got to see you for an hour that day)

Photo taken by Daniella Escoto

You send me good morning and goodnight texts every single day. No matter if we are upset, it may be a smaller one, but we still send them at the end or start of our days. Our relationship isn't the same as anyone else's. Yes, I know everyone says that. But ours is different. We actually don't need anyone else. We are happy with each other.

We are all we need.

Photo taken by Daniella Escoto

We cannot do distance at all!!! Never... again. We did it as I was at college and later on when you went to training for K9 in Texas. (Yeah, that one was a hard one...I didn't know how to play it out. I'm sorry for anything.) We don't need to go out. We actually do the exact words Netflix and chill, nothing else. We chill so hard we sleep and we love it. We try for each other in everything we do.

Most importantly, you made this life worth living. I tell you over and over I'm glad no one was deserving of your heart but me. You're sweet. You're sensitive. You are tough to get through, you don't want to let anyone in because you've been hurt. You let me in and you tell me I'm always holding your heart and that right there was the mission impossible.

Photo taken by Daniella Escoto

I guess I am here to say thank you for being my best friend. We have so much fun together by just watching TV, cuddling, or even just on our road trips. We even laugh when we are in the middle of a make-out session because I'm clumsy and probably bumped my toe or head. Thank you for loving me and letting me love you, every aspect of you.

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