A Letter That Every Girl Should Read
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A Letter That Every Girl Should Read

You are perfect just the way you are.

A Letter That Every Girl Should Read

Dear Daughter,

I know all of your thoughts. When you look in the mirror and complain in your mind about how your "hair is too frizzy," your " thighs are too large," and your "nose is weirdly shaped"—I hear it. I know your thoughts on your stomach and the horrible pimples you wake up to. I hear you complain about wanting a bigger butt and a smaller waist. I see you stalk strangers on social media wishing you looked like them. I hear you comparing yourself to other girls. I can even hear your tears at night thinking about the boy who broke your heart, and you thought it was because you weren't pretty enough.

I hear it all—and it breaks my heart, my child.

I know you think you aren't pretty enough. But I did not create you to be enough for the world. I didn't even create you for this so-called world. I created you for a bigger purpose than getting a lot of likes on your Instagram selfie. I created you for something more important then having a cute guy comment on your pictures. I created you to be in a relationship with me, your father. I created you to find joy in your purpose here and not how you look on a Friday night.

I designed you. Every part of you. Inside and out. The freckle on your ear you hate. Even that one strand of hair that will never stay straight. I created you so perfectly in the image of me, for a greater reason then being gawked at by the boys.

Maybe someone in this world has bullied you. Made fun of your weight or your eyebrows. Maybe you've heard the comments from other girls with nothing better to do than talk about your physical appearance. And you have let them get to you.

I see you get upset, my child, that you do not have a man in your life who loves you. I see you look at girls' social media and wish for a relationship like that. I see your tweets about "relationship goals" and how much you "miss the boy who let you go" but you are forgetting about me, my child. You and I are the ultimate "relationship goals." And when it is the right time I will show you a man who will love you as much as I do. And he will love me too. But for now never feel alone, my child, for I am always with you.

However, my child, I'm here to tell you that they are wrong. All of them are wrong. The world is wrong. They may tell you that you aren't pretty enough or smart enough. That if you don't make these grades or wear these clothes you won't be good enough. But, my child, my opinion is the only one that matters. Because you are altogether beautiful. The world may want you to hide who you are with to much contoured make up, but I say to you that you are created in my image. You are my child. And you are perfect.

The world may want you to look like a model, and they will tell you that's what you need to be happy. But I'm here to tell you that you will find more joy in a life led by me and when you walk with me then you ever will worrying about what the world thinks of you.

The truth is, my child, that you are beautiful just the way that I made you. Everything that I built you with is there for a reason. I make no mistakes. You are a wonderful masterpiece of mine, you are my greatest achievement. And your ability to walk with me is your greatest thing to have.

I built you with my own two hands. I formed your dreams and plans. And I placed you in this word for a purpose.

So please, my child, know your worth. Know that you may never get more then 100 likes on Instagram, and you may never be pretty enough for "societies standards," but these things have no importance. You are more then "pretty enough" for me. Because I created you just the way you are for a reason that one day I hope that you can see. Your purpose and true self is better then any designer accessory that the world tells you to have.

You may not always feel beautiful my child, but I promise—I hung the stars and I painted the sea, and I made you in the image of me and that is what is truly beautiful.

I love you and you are mine,


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