A Letter To All Of The Dad-Moms

A Letter To All Of The Dad-Moms

Because fathers aren't always the absent ones.


In a world full of single moms, absent fathers, and dads that just don't try, we forget that there are some dads out there that are basically superheroes. There is such a bad rep put out there for dads these days, simply because we are hearing more and more from single mothers on social media. But what the world doesn't know is there are some fathers out there that take on the mom role as well as the dad role. These dads are what I like to call the "dad-moms."

My dad just so happens to be a dad-mom. My mom wasn't/hasn't been around as much as a typical mom would, and that is okay, it made me stronger for various reasons. To have a dad that takes on the mom role is truly a blessing. You tell them everything, you goof around, you get great life advice, and you form a bond that most kids don't get to have with their parents. Most of the time growing up you learn things alongside each other, which in the end makes you a great team. They become one of the most important figures in your life growing up because they have always been there with you through everything holding your hand. They teach you strength, independence, and determination, and they show you all of these through their actions rather than just telling you about them-they lead by example. With a dad mom, you don't just learn how to cook and clean, you learn about gardens and cars too. You learn that life doesn't always turn out the "traditional" way and you learn to be thankful for the uniqueness of it all.

My dad has definitely shaped me over the years with his wise words and actions. He always led by example, which is something most parents forget to do sometimes. Him being a dad-mom definitely helped us both grow together in a much more unique way than any other parent-child relationship. To be a dad is one thing, but to be a dad-mom is a whole other ball game, and he definitely rocked it. If you're a daughter or even a son of a dad-mom reading this, you have taken part in a truly unique relationship. You have been so lucky to have that person step up and not only be one parent, but take on the roles of both. Think about how lucky you are to have that person try extra hard to give you what you deserve, both aspects of parenting.

To my incredible dad-mom, I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for being there through it all, thank you for putting your foot down when needed and guiding me through my mistakes. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and thank you for every little thing you have ever done, you are such an inspiration and definitely a great role model. I love you.

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