You feel like you are drowning.

You feel that you are only worth whatever grade you receive.

You feel that your GPA means everything.

You think that whatever grade you get on the latest exam or project defines you.

And during midterms, this feeling gets even worse.

And it becomes harder to remember to not give up.

It becomes harder to focus.

It becomes harder to give it everything you can.

Remember to take breaks when needed because I know the work can get stressful.

Sitting in the library for endless hours trying to finish all the assignments.

Midterm week becomes overwhelming.

Assignments are thrown at you left and right.

It feels like it will never end.

I promise that the stress will fade.

Your grades do not define you.

Take a deep breath.

The week that seems like it is never ending, will end.

It will be the weekend soon enough.

I know it all seems like everything is crashing down on you right now.

Remember to come up for air.

And as Dori said in Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming".

The assignments will all be done soon.

The exams will be completed.

And before you know it the semester will be over.

So keep going.

Give it everything you can.

Your best is good enough.

Take a deep breath and go finish that assignment that you are procrastinating.

It will all be over soon.