Ladies, Let's Talk 10 Tips For Period Care

Ladies, Let's Talk 10 Tips For Period Care

Time to get real about periods.


We all get periods, it normal. Every month for years to come, we're going to get that monthly visitor that feels like our uterus trying to murder our insides. For this article, I just wanted to talk about them and maybe tell you all the things you may have not known.

1. Hydrate yourself!

I've heard that if you drink lots of water while on your period it could help with making your period lighter. Also, during our periods our bodies are going through so much so it's best to just stay hydrated.

2. Keep sipping your tea.

So green tea can help with reducing your cramps and helps soothe the body which is important while you're on your period.

3. Invest in a heating pad.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows this but get yourself a heating pad!!!! Let me tell you, after a day of cramps and you come home and lay on your heating pad it is the best.

Heating pads help with cramps so much!

4. Stay away from caffeine!

Caffeine can cause your periods to be even heavier, which no wants. So just for a couple of days stay away from the coffee.

5. Explore different products

Shout out to my big sister because she recently just put me onto these new organic tampons! They are just called Organic Cotton Tampons. There are no added fragrances, dyes, pesticides, and more!

These kind of period products are so important because it is so important that you are not putting any products into your body that could harm you.

6. Watch what you eat!

While on your period you have to be aware of what you are eating! For example, eat foods such as cashews, bananas, and even dark chocolate.

These food are high in magnesium which can help with cramps, bloating, and more.

7. Take the day to yourself.

Honestly, periods can sometimes be a lot to handle. From heavy bleeding to cramps. So if you need to take the day to yourself then do just that! Don't force yourself to put up a front when in reality it feels like you are being stabbed over and over in your stomach.

8. Know yourself!

Know and understand your body. Know when you are about to come on your period, know what kind of pads or tampons work for you, know the types of medicines that help you feel better.

9. Get some good sleep.

When on your period a helpful thing to do is when going to sleep is keeping a towel underneath you! This helps to ensure that you don't get any blood on your sheets just in case theirs an accident.

10. It just a period.

At the end of the day, it is just a period, we all get it. Some worse than others. But us women are so strong, we barely let it effect us!

See, periods don't always have to be that bad!

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