Let's Talk about Real disrespect to the American Flag
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Let's Talk about Real disrespect to the American Flag

Making a new flag for a certain group is dishonor. Plain and Simple

Let's Talk about Real disrespect to the American Flag

Bluelivematters has got to be the biggest case of trying to 1 UP someone I have every seen. So recently I was scrolling (ya'll know how this goes) and I came across a post that made a lot of sense to me. Quoting this post it said, " How is it wrong for us to kneel to a flag when your hate group went and changed it completely to represent blue lives matter?" I was tickled on the inside because this was the truest statement I have ever read since this whole war started. How can you be mad at someone who kneels for the flag when you changed it to represent one group who is causing the most injustice against citizens?

After getting a good laugh I research a little bit more into the topic of flags. After about an hour or two I realized wow, these are mostly the same men and women who got mad at Kaepernick for sitting but produced a whole different flag for cops. Where is the so called disrespect there that you were spewing at Kaepernick? He wants a change to be implemented in order to feel protected under the flag. Meanwhile, a whole new flag has been created to support one group that needs major change.

In wrapping up I just want to say don't be a hypocrite during these times because we see you. We see you yelling "respect the Flag!!" Yet, holding an altered one to yell blue lives matter. We see you trolling about how black lives matter is a hate group but how cops commit killing to every race and you yourself have neglected to speak up for your people. I'm not by all meanings saying all cops are bad but when you gonna stop thinking they all are good? There is also the fact you proudly support our troops so much when it's an event, but changed the flag of the United States when you felt someone was being "targeted". Don't one minute be all troops and respect the American flag but then yell blue lives matter and produce a new one forgetting about the troops you so called care about. I wish yall cared about the injustice against men and women that served as much as ya'll do. Men and women that get paid vacations to kill. Above all, practice what you preach. Don't tell someone else how to respect something when you yourself are the biggest dishonor.

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