7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To College
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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To College

Dining hall food... enough said.

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A few things I wish my freshman self knew...

1. People will come and go in your life until you meet your people and forever friends.

Going into college, I thought it was like the movies where the people you meet in your first few weeks of school are the people that stick by you until the end. Boy, was I wrong, and that is OK. People are trying to figure themselves out during the first few weeks of freedom they have away at college, and people will come and go in your life. But, if you are lucky, some of those friends you meet at the beginning, will still be there at the end.

2. Dining hall food... enough said

The dining hall food will not be as amazing as your tour guide told you it was going to be. It is often really hard to eat healthily, and by the second year of college, you will know better than to get a meal plan. Unless you get lucky and the food is actually really good, then props to you.

3. It's possible to actually fail a class

Everyone thinks it won't happen to them, and that they will get the grades they got in high school, in college. But the reality of it is, that depending on the classes you take, you can actually fail one. College is a learning curve and it is OK to fail in the beginning.

4. It's OK to take a step back and take time for yourself

The college lifestyle is very fast paced and not being involved in everything your friends do can make you feel like you are falling behind. It's OK to not be a part of every single plan that's made and to stay in on some nights. You will have plenty of opportunities to make memories, take care of yourself first.

5. Keep your priorities straight, you are here for an education

It is easy to let the party lifestyle take over your life and consume most of your time. But make sure you keep your priorities straight and remember you are spending a lot of money to attend the university, and the goal at the end of the day is to get that degree. So take time out to grind and get your work done, then the fun can begin.

6. Boys will be boys, you can't change him

You might think you can change that boy and make him settle down for you. He won't and you can't, unless he wants too. So focus on yourself and don't get consumed in finding someone, and settling down. The right guy will come along when you least expect it, give it time.

7. Some classes will require you teach yourself

This isn't high school anymore and your teachers won't just give you the answers. Success requires a lot more work than it used too, and sometimes you need to teach yourself the material. It's not going to be easy, but the amount of work you put into your classes will reflect in your grades.

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