This is one thought I had not too long ago.

I am a second-semester sophomore and I just changed my major. To most, it may not sound like I am late-deciding. However, I was on track to graduate almost a year early. So technically, I would've been switching my major at "junior" status.

This was a really big decision to make. I never thought I would be changing my major in college. Although a majority of college students change their major, I was determined not to be one of them. That's because, for some reason, there is a negative stigma associated with not knowing 100% what you want to do when you're 18 years old. And guess what, THAT'S WRONG.


If you are graduating from high school this spring, I'm sure you've been asked what your plan is for college. Where you're going, what you'll major in, what you want to do, etc. You feel like you should have all the answers already. You feel like you should have it all planned out already.

But you shouldn't.

Coming to college, you will try so many new things. You will learn more about who you actually are. You will discover what you enjoy learning, and maybe what you don't care so much about. College is where you should discover what you want to major in. Or maybe college will teach you that you actually don't want to be in college. And then you discover your passion for something else.

As an 18, 19, or 20-year-old, you shouldn't have it all figured out yet. In fact, you may not have it all figured out yet for years to come. And that's OK. It's a process; it takes time to discover who you are and what you actually enjoy.

Changing my major this year turned my life 180 degrees. But I was excited about it. I was stressed out before and completely unsure. Staying in my previous major would've been easier. I would've been ahead. But now, I'm studying something that I am truly excited about and ready to pursue. Now my dreams seem closer and new goals are being made each day.

Remember, it's not too late to change your major. It's OK that you do not have your entire life figured out. If it takes you a little longer to figure it out, don't stress! Now is the time for you to try new things and discover things about yourself you never knew. Find out who you are and enjoy the process and opportunities along the way because you never know what you could end up enjoying.

If you've been considering changing your major, do it. What is holding you back? The fear of looking like you may not actually have everything together? That's ridiculous. Swallow your pride and take that step. I promise you'll be a lot happier you did.