Life As Told By The Cast Of 'Gossip Girl'
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Life As Told By The Cast Of 'Gossip Girl'

Lessons from the Upper East Side.

Life As Told By The Cast Of 'Gossip Girl'
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As a middle schooler, I liked to find my way to the DVD section of Target while my mom shopped around. I wasn't allowed to have cable in my room, but I could have my portable DVD player, so I invested in shows on DVD. This was the moment I found the full collection of the first three seasons of "Gossip Girl." Suddenly, my world revolved around the Upper East Side, and pretending I was more like Serena van der Woodsen. As I got to high school, and actually understood half of the things occurring in the show, I found life advice through my favorite characters. So, now, I have compiled a collection of life lessons and problem-solving tactics, as told by the cast of "Gossip Girl."

Blair is the epitome of power on the upper east side. She uses her popularity, and intimidation, to show everyone around her who's boss. Now, this doesn't mean everyone should go on a constant power trip, and assume they're better than everyone. But Blair taught me that you don't need a man, a 4.0 or your future figured out, to be on top. You just need to have the motivation to prove to everyone that you're worth it. How you do so, is in your hands!

Nate Archibald is my personal favorite on the male side of things. I loved that he was always a little more grounded than everyone else. Was it because of the problems he faced with his family and money? Maybe, but the best thing his dad was able to teach him, was even when things go wrong, and things end up out of your hands, you can't give up. You can't let people take advantage and walk all over you. This is a problem a lot of people face, especially when they're just extra nice and trying to please everyone. Stop worrying about pleasing the public, and worry about succeeding and doing what's right for you and your future.

Serena, my spirit animal. This girl is perfection and yet trouble always seems to find her. This specific quote can be taken a few ways, but the best approach, is a positive one. Fairy tales may not be realistic, but every girl does deserve her own Prince Charming. When you think your prince has gone off with the wrong princess, chances are, he wasn't supposed to be yours in the first place. If he doesn't see your full potential and the greatness inside that you have to offer, I think that's his problem, not yours!

Dorota, the best maid in existence. I really feel this on a few different levels. She might be misunderstood at times, but she knows how to prove a point. And yes, removing someone on social media might not ruin their day, but it will definitely make you feel better, and removing someone who seems to be toxic from your life altogether? Even better. If they're smart, they'll be the one to make the realization that they lost a great friend. It's up to you to decide if forgiveness has been earned!

Alright, Humphrey isn't my favorite after more recent developments, but he's got a good heart, and a great point here. Being understanding is an important quality, and understanding that everyone makes mistakes is so important. Now, if someone is a repeat offender, and can't keep their word when they claim "It'll never happen again!" Maybe they don't deserve a fourth or fifth chance. Being open minded and not judging a book by it's cover is important. But, if you find the contents aren't much better than the cover, that's okay too. Just keep moving on!

Just Chuck Bass here, having a heart. Mr. Bass is right in saying Blair deserves her fairytale, because like I said before, every girl deserves her Prince Charming! If someone wants to give you the world, give them a chance to do so! This might mean opening up, and being vulnerable, but I know from personal experience, finding your prince is not only possible, but it will happen when you least expect it, and it will be the easiest commitment you ever make.

On the other hand, some people don't have your best interest at heart. So, when you think you're ready to open up to someone, make sure you're on the same page. Establish as much as you can before you dive deep, because there's gonna be people in your everyday life, that aren't at the same place as you. They have a different mindset, different goals and if they aren't ready for the greatness that you have to offer the world, let them regret losing you.

To follow that tidbit, remember to keep the people who are important to you close, because they are the only ones who will be behind you when you finally get this mentality. You're an independent woman who don't need no man! If you have one that treats you right, hold onto it and be thankful. But if things fall apart, remember you have plenty of things going for yourself that you may have forgotten about. Do you, and do it to the best of your ability. You're bound to be the Blair to someone's Serena, and one day to someone's Chuck Bass.

Life can do a pretty good job of getting you down in every way shape and form. But the key to getting through, is understanding that there are always brighter days ahead. Even if something bad happens every single day, there will be a shred of hope coming your way. It could be small, or almost unnoticeable, but look for the good in every day, and you'll find it. No questions asked.

This. Never ever give up because one, two or even a dozen guys have done you wrong. Everything happens for a reason, and all of the people who hurt you, are to teach you and show you what you shouldn't be looking for in a person. It sucks being hurt and it sucks being the victim, but things change and the time will come. It could take what seems like forever, but never give up on love. It always exists where you least expect it.

Said every girl ever. If this isn't you, you're lucky. If this is you, welcome to 98 percent of the female population. Every girl is different, and every girls interests are different, but I can tell you right now, just about every girl loves food. A well-fed girl is a happy girl!

"Gossip Girl" can be pretty far-fetched and unrealistic to someone who lives in a dorm room, a two bedroom apartment or even a suburban town somewhere in the midwest. But, the connection to the upper east side becomes a little easier when you break down their life struggles and take a more broad approach to what they're trying to say. Of course, the story isn't real. But, these quotes are real, and the lessons or advice you take from them, can be just as great when you make them your own! XOXO

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