7 Lessons from 'Fresh Off the Boat' to Help You Survive Quarantine
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7 Lessons from 'Fresh Off the Boat' to Help You Survive Quarantine

Nothing can make you feel better than Eddie's dance moves.

7 Lessons from 'Fresh Off the Boat' to Help You Survive Quarantine

As an unproductive student stuck in quarantine, I have already completed quite a few television series during this time of isolation. From sitcoms to documentaries, the list of shows I always told myself to watch is beginning to dwindle. After viewing my fair share of dramas, I decided it was time to embark on another comedy. That's when I came to the ultimate decision to start a series I should have began long ago: Fresh Off the Boat.

The show follows the lives of a Taiwanese family in the peak of the 1990s. With two perfectionist sons and one obsessed with hip-hop and baggy pants, the Huang family must balance their roles as immigrants in the United States with running a cowboy-themed restaurant. The cast features actors like Golden Globe nominee Constance Wu and the iconic Randall Park. I learned to laugh, I learned to cry, and I learned to survive quarantine with the help of the Huangs' life lessons.

1. Things Can Get Tough


Quarantine isn't easy, and it's okay to let yourself recognize that life is difficult right now.

2. We're All Doing What We Can to Survive


Telling yourself "just one more week of isolation" might be unrealistic, but it can help you get through it in the moment.

3. It's Okay to Show Your Real Emotions


If you're angry or unhappy with the situation at hand, talk about it. Others are probably feeling the same way and can help you get through it.

4. Take Advantage of Your Resources


Don't forget to look at the sales in the grocery store to keep you afloat during this time of financial uncertainty.

5. Celebrate Your Accomplishments, No Matter How Small


Changed out of your pajamas? Ate an actual meal instead of a third bowl of cereal? You're killing it.

6. Reach Out to the People You Care About


We may not be able to physically hang out with our loved ones, but we can still connect with them.

7. When in Doubt, Dance it Out


Take a tip from Eddie and use this time to practice your moves. Once this is all over, you can break them out for the world to admire.

We will get through this together, especially if we have Netflix and Hulu on our sides.

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