How To Be The "Leslie Knope" Of 2017
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How To Be The "Leslie Knope" Of 2017

Do it! Fierce! Power!

How To Be The "Leslie Knope" Of 2017

If you've ever watched the beautiful, hilarious, gift-from-God comedy Parks and Recreation, you probably know that Leslie Knope is the fiercest, most hardworking, spunkiest character to ever grace television screens. That's why so many people on the internet give the advice:

"Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do."

Therefore, when it comes to taking on the year 2017, we should all try and live by this Leslie Knope mantra. Taking on the spirit of Knope can help us all conquer our resolutions and goals, whether they have to do with exercise, careers, or relationships. Now, I know what you're thinking: "How exactly should we go about doing this?"

Oh, reader, you inquisitive, sparkling mannequin come-to-life. Here's what you need to do to be the Leslie Knope of 2017:

1. Get organized.

Once you have your goal established, then it's time to bring on the organization. Knope prides herself on her usage of binders, color-coating, schedules, step-by-step acronyms, you name it. She knows where everything is at all times, and it saves her a lot of time when emergencies arise. You don't necessarily have to be as dedicated to organization as she does, but start small if you have to. Just seeing that you've cleaned your desk or bought a planner to track your progress in would be enough to make Knope call you a "land mermaid."

2. Surround yourself with awesome people.

How can a year be awesome if you don't spend it with awesome people. Knope is a pro at picking friends. There's the tough softie Ron Swanson, the lovable goof Andy Dwyer, and also the creepy but caring April Ludgate. Any one of her friends would drop everything to help her, so surround yourself with the same type of people this year.

3. Believe in yourself.

You are awesome, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can accomplish your goals. Knope is by no means selfish, but she knows that to get want you want you need to be confident. How are you ever going to reach your goals if you don't believe you're strong enough to do it? That won't work! Don't let you confidence be lil', and instead, tap into the super mega wonderful awesomness inside of you.

4. Don't give up.

There are certainly going to be times this year when you feel like you're going to fall apart. However, take a note from Leslie Knope, and don't. give. up. Do it! Fierce! Power! The hard times will pass, and you just have to be strong enough to wait it out. Also, don't rule out recording encouraging voicemail messages to yourself if you need an extra push.

5. Turn the negatives into positives.

Knope has a knack for putting spins on bad situations. She even called herself a "flame duck" instead of a "lame duck" when finishing up her last days as a city councilwoman. Therefore, try to push through bad news by finding the positives! Also, you can another beloved Pawneeian for inspiration in this area, too: Chris Traeger!

6. Sort out your priorities.

Whether or not breakfast food is on your list of priorities, make sure work isn't #1. Knope may love work, but she realizes there are more important things in life. Therefore, spend 2017 by focusing on those things.

Happy start of 2017, everybody, and always remember:

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