I tend to stay away from the news regarding certain things as of late; it gets me too heated and I know it's something I really shouldn't stress about. When something that has been publicly talked about for decades ends up affecting your own life in a way that's when you have every right to use your voice. I'm going to be touching on a couple different subjects so buckle yourselves in.

I consider myself a feminist, a real feminist. Not the "radical" feminists who actually hate men and their existence. When feminism was started it started the women's movement to gain equal rights and economic equality to men. We're aloud to use our voice now. The years were 1848-1920 when all of this came into play for women. I believe we all should have equal rights; from voting, to marriage, and when it comes to the law. As of late, I have come across certain woman who take advantage of the law because the majority of the time it will be on their side, unless they commit murder of course. For example: physical abuse. For the record, I am 100% against a man putting their hands on a woman and I am also against a woman putting their hands on a man. That is something that you never hear about often: a woman physically abusing a man. I've heard of it; I once heard of man restraining a woman who was trying to stab him to death, instead of her being sent to jail, he did. Where is the logic in that? Honestly, if anyone, woman or man is coming at me with a deadly weapon I have every right to defend myself. It was the simple fact that she cried wolf and said those magic words: "He put his hands on me." The man in that situation got sent to jail unfairly; he got sent to jail for trying to defend himself.

The legal system in my eyes is backwards; take the Brock Turner case for instance. He raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and was caught in the act. A man who was guilty for rape only got three months. A man who was guilty of his crimes served 90 days. If a man abuses his woman, they can get sentenced up to eight years or more. Shouldn't rape be in the same category? Absolutely. Why isn't it? It's because we live in an ass backwards world.

If a man is being sent to jail for defending himself over a woman trying to kill him then the woman should get the same legal sentence as that man.

Most of the time, men will not speak out about the abuse from a woman because yes, it happens to men too. The media only touches on when women get abused. Mentally and physically. A woman who physically and mentally abuses a man can easily say that her partner is the one doing the abusing, and since it's her word against his and no evidence, he will be sent to jail. There is no justice in false accusations. Especially if there is no evidence. No matter what it's our word against his. That is why women will take sole advantage because they know they can get away with it.

Certain women will take that step, and it makes me a very pissed off woman. Why go out of your way to destroy someone's life when you yourself doesn't know the extent of the consequences?

When men get abused, they're at a standstill. They're torn between reaching out for help and just not speaking a word because there's no such thing as a man getting abused or raped, right? Society has made that problem occur because 9/10 times the man will reach out to someone for help and be like "you got beat up by a girl? You're bigger and stronger than her. I highly doubt what you're saying is true." it's heartbreaking to see. Women can easily attack; we have nails, we can bite, we pull hair. Women are also good at playing the mind games; we know how to dig deep, we know how to analyze and take full control. Because of our society and the law, the woman is always right.

I am insanely outraged by the amount of times I've seen innocent men and women go to jail because the way things will get twisted. We all have an equal right in this country as men and women, we all should have the same equal sentencing when it comes to jail and we all to speak up more about it. Too many innocent people are getting their lives ruined because of false allegations and how easy it is to take advantage of a certain right you have.

I am a woman. I'm against abuse on both counts. I'm against physical and mental abuse from men and women. I'm against men who rape women getting a shorter sentence than a man who beats a woman. I'm against a woman who takes advantage of the law because they know they can, and I'm against a woman putting their hands on a man.

Enough is enough. Equal Rights For All.