It Is Time To Start Realizing When Enough, Is Enough

It Is Time To Start Realizing When Enough, Is Enough

Here is to the girls that fight and fight for the love they deserve but never are rewarded with it.


By the title, I am sure you may think it is possible I am in some toxic relationship that gives me no love or hope for a happy ending. Let's begin with making it crystal clear that, that situation, is not the case for me. Although I am young, my boyfriend and I, despite our ups and downs, share a lot of fun moments, laughs and fill each other will love and happiness. The reason I am writing this is to reach out to those who maybe need a nudge or to just realize they are not alone in the decisions they have been thinking about making. I am hoping to open the eyes of someone who maybe needs to just cut the ties and move on. Sometimes, enough is just enough.

I actually have a perfect story for this topic that I actually now look back on and laugh about. Everyone has had that person in their life that they give and give and give to without barely getting anything in return. I once was hung up on a guy, let's keep his name anonymous, but if you are reading this, which you probably are not, you know EXACTLY who you are.

Remembering everything that I would do for this kid makes me want to slap myself in the face and ask myself what I was doing. I was waiting on him hand and foot hoping that he would give me the same exact attention. Boy, I was wrong! This man could not spare a dollar to get me a Mcdonald's Diet Coke if I asked him. He was a selfish person. Now onto the funny part, towards the end of our relationship (if you can even call it that), I decided to write a little something in my notes about him. I made a list of everything I had done for him and given him over the year or so we were talking. I kept writing and writing and I probably had about 15-20 things on the list. Can you guess how many things I had listed underneath what he has done for me? Nope, not five. Nope, not three. I had listed ONE thing that he had done for me. ONE. If that was not a clear sign for me I do not know what would be and that is why I laugh now. I continued to stick around because is typical male fashion, he kept feeding me all the lovely things I wanted to hear but never once did his actions meet his words.

That is exactly how it works. They say nice things, you fall back into it, you give and you give, and then a week later you hear he was fooling around with Becky after he promised to be loyal. Yeah, that really happened. I know what is like to fight for love and wonder why you are not getting any back. You are not alone. It is easy to settle with what you have and make excuses but I am here to tell you that it is your time to find the better that you deserve. That is exactly what I did.

Fast forward a little bit, I finally said enough is enough and I ended it. I started to realize, with the help of my friends and family, that all of this, was not love. Now, I have an amazing guy by my side to go through life with. If you are struggling to find reasons to stay with your significant other, maybe start making a list of why you should leave. Although that is negative, sometimes that is what you need to do to realize it is time to let go. It is okay to be sad. It is okay to feel empty. What you will feel after is VALID. You deserve to feel the love you deserve. You deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve to give and get the same in return. Stop settling for less than that and start realizing when enough is enough.

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Some are chosen, some are assigned. Either way, it is the same. Like it or not, your roommate is one of the people that knows the very most about you because they are lucky enough to live with you. Here are some things that they can't help but know:

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Cover Image Credit: ABC

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Friends With Benefits: Heartbreak Or Full Of Satisfaction?

The truth behind figuring out if friends with benefits is for you.


The time has come in our lives where hooking up with people is the norm. Ranging from random frat party make-outs to tinder match dates ending up at their place. Whether you are into it or not, the hookup culture is constantly swarming around college campuses. What is the big deal anyway? We are humans and have our biological needs to be met. But what if you felt like a part of you was left with the person every time you hook up with someone? Would you end up feeling empty and guilty or full of life and contented?

This is both to the people who find joy in a little spontaneous rendezvous, and the ones who prefer to not partake in the typical college hookup culture. Both are completely normal, and both sides are not alone. Everyone experiences college in their own way. If not having sex is something that you want to keep in your personal experience, then more power to you. And if you want to find someone to casually hook up with is also a well-endowed experience. Sex is something that everyone should interpret in their own way. Whatever someone wants to do with their own body is their business and not up for debate with anyone else.

College comes with many ups and downs. With grades slipping halfway through the semester and friends becoming distant, we are always looking for a connection. Having a friend who you trust and becoming friends with benefits can help people relieve stress, experience a newly found form of yourself, and find what you find important in a partner. The casual hook up scene is abundant in college and finding a friend to hook up with is not a difficult task. Casual sex is not talked about and is seen as a disgraceful thing to most people, when in reality it is just people experimenting with their sexuality and finding what fulfills them in a sexual sense.

To become attached to a friend-with-benefits partner is one sticky situation. You have no control over what they do outside of with you, and if it comes with no strings the situation can become messy in an instant. Messy situations call for a few questions to be discussed before you and your friend carry on with the arrangement. Do you want there to be strings? Are you more attached than you thought? Should the two of you take the next step to a monogamous relationship? So many questions to be answered to make sure that what you are doing is worth it and if it turns out isn't really for you.

For some people, mot having friends with benefits helps boost their self-esteem and allow them to value sex in a committed relationship. While on the other end having a sexual relationship with a friend can bring a new sense of self confidence that was lacking before the relationship partook. Becoming sexually confident and awaken can help any college student break out of their shell. Before you become more open with that part of yourself, you need to look deep down and see if you are ready for not only that type of open relationship with another person. If you are ready to open that side of yourself, you may be ready to have a friends-with-benefits or take part in casual hookups, if not then take time to figure out if that is what you want to do. At the end of the day they don't say college years, no matter what you engage in, are the best for nothing.

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