Latinos Rush to Become Natural Citizens to Vote Against Trump
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Latinos Rush to Become Natural Citizens to Vote Against Trump

For Latinos And Several Other Subcultures In The U.S., Trump Poses A Real Danger

Latinos Rush to Become Natural Citizens to Vote Against Trump
NY Daily News

Latino voters are rallying together and lining up for one main reason: to vote against Donald Trump. It is no secret that Trump has insulted and angered different subcultures in America. One group that has received a lot of verbal slaps from Donald Trump’s harsh campaign rhetoric is the the Latino population, specifically the Mexican immigrants. Trump has passionately talked about building a “massive” impermeable wall separating America and Mexico. He has referred to Mexicans as rapists and murderers, and he has made the idea of mass deportations a driving force of his campaign.

Many Mexican immigrants are unhappy and even a little frightened about the way he speaks about this major population in the United States. In a recent national survey conducted by the Washington Post and Univision News, 80% of Hispanic voters had an unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump.

…However, this women was possibly not part of that statistic:

How much was she getting paid? Is she seeing a different Trump?

Anyways, besides being a leading candidate in the Republican primaries, his insulting tone toward immigrants has had the adverse effect, pushing Mexican immigrants to become citizens to vote against him in November.

Many Mexicans have been content to live in the United States with their green cards. Set-backs to applying for citizenship include the price of the naturalization fee, poor English skills, and an unwillingness to engage with the government out of fear of exposing their illegal family members. The race to vote, though, has become somewhat of an emergency for them. Maria Elena Salinas, co-anchor of a nightly newscast for a Spanish-language television network states, “He declared us enemies. There's something powerful to say about the vote. It's a weapon." The unsettling feeling they get with Donald Trump as a front-runner has contributed to a massive push for Latino voters and could definitely be a game-changer.

There are about 2.7 million legal Mexican residents who are eligible to naturalize, and there have been naturalization campaigns held all over the country in states such as Colorado, Nevada, and Florida. Additionally, the nonprofit group “The New Americans Campaign” is holding a session in the Marlins Park baseball stadium on March 19th for a huge push to complete around 1,500 applications.

How much of an effect will the Latino vote shake the presidential election? We will just have to wait and see.
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