I am starting to feel nostalgic about a lot of things now that I never thought I would. It's my last semester in high school and I couldn't be happier but also, it's going to end a lot of things. In magazine, we are starting our last issue for the year. I have been doing magazine for all of high school and it is coming to an end.

In yearbook, we wrapped up the book and now working on the supplement. I will be done writing articles for the Lake St. Louis Neighbors magazine next month. We are having informational meetings about graduation and senior events. We also all have grown up together which is slightly unique from most classes and it will be weird not seeing everyone every day. It is absolutely insane how fast the year has gone. It was over in a flash. It is becoming so surreal. Is anyone else feeling that way or is it just me? It is so weird to think that this is my last semester of high school. I never thought I would be getting sad over high school, especially because my experience was not the greatest. But I did have some parts of high school that were moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

I was involved so much in clubs, got so many opportunities in journalism to write and explore, publications has taught me what a family is like, I have a friendship that has emerged over the last few years and now she is going to be my roommate. It is the little things like that, that I enjoyed during high school that I will remember. At home, I have been thinking that I only have about 5 more months before I move out and I am excited but also I am going to miss my family, I am going to miss out on a lot. I am planning to spend as much time with them before I go. I am going to miss taking my brother out for a target run or driving my sister to school or Sunday night family dinners. Not to make it sound like I am never coming back because I am but I am just not going to see them as often. Though, I couldn't be more ready for college.

I am ready for new experiences and opportunities that will come my way. I think it is all just hitting me and becoming so surreal. I had a good time in high school more than I realized and I wouldn't take it back for the world. I am going to enjoy the rest of the time I have and try to relax before everything gets crazy. Take the rest of the year as it goes, enjoy the traditions that we have, go to events, participate in senior events and activities, go to prom. Just be a kid before we all have to go into the life of being an adult.