It's hard to believe you've made it here, right? Seems like just yesterday you were still a Cloverbud trying to learn the pledge. Now summer is right around the corner, the heart of most members' 4-H year. So, last year member, this is to you.

Take it all in.

Blake Fox

As best as you can, take in every memory. Let your parents and advisers take those pictures. Stick around after your meeting laughing those extra few minutes. Stay up late telling stories in your cabin at camp, just don't let the director catch you. Say yes to one more hand of cards in the barn. Look around at the sights around you before the last time you walk in the ring. You'll want to remember every detail.

Take every opportunity.

Blake Fox

Don't skip out on your club meetings. Say yes to the fundraiser. Sign up for that project. Make room for summer camp. Apply for that award. Accept an officer position. Run for county fair queen. Sign up for showmanship. Go on that trip. If you don't, you'll wish you had.

Say thank you.

Blake Fox

Thank your parents; you couldn't have done it all without them. Thank your advisers; they helped mold you into the young adult you are now. Thank your family for their constant encouragement. Thank your buyers for supporting the program and your future. Thank your non-4-H friends for understanding your hectic schedule. Thank your 4-H friends for the helping hands, loving hearts and for being the ones who helped make your experience what it was.

Make the best better.

Blake Fox

Tim McGraw says it best: "Help the next one in line, always stay humble and kind." Just like you were once a new member who seemed a little lost or scared, help the next generation. There will always be little eyes on you wanting to be just like you one day. Be the good role model the members above you once were for you. Nothing's cooler than seeing their small victories and knowing you played a helping hand.

To the last year 4-Her, while it may be bittersweet, remember to smile. It was all worth it.