How To Help LA Flood Victims From Anywhere
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How To Help LA Flood Victims From Anywhere

No matter your location or budget, you can help.

How To Help LA Flood Victims From Anywhere
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Recently, a historic rainfall of over 24 inches hailed down on Southern Louisiana. Parishes such as Baton Rouge, Florida, and Lafayette flooded to the point that Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a formal state of emergency. According to The Times-Picayune, the National Guard has rescued as many as 20,000 people, and other residents who had travelled out of town are returning to flooded homes.

With such damage that Louisiana has not seen in recent memory, many who live nearby or even across the country want to help. Here's how:

Just one text message, LAFLOODS to 90999, donates $10 to the American Red Cross. Accessing their web site allows for you to donate other amounts as well.

The Baton Rouge Rho Epsilon chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. set up a GoFundMe page set up in the hopes of donating $500 to each family affected by the flood, with an overall goal of $10,000.

To donate specifically for food and water to flood victims, Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Louisiana accepts donations online.

The local grocery store chain Rouses Markets accepts non-perishable canned goods and cash donations at checkout, and they will send donations the Second Harvest Food Bank.

The site Together Baton Rouge has started ordering basic necessities from Amazon Prime and delivering items directly to the addresses of people in need. They will continue until they simply run out of money, and you can donate online.

If you don't have a lot of cash, but have extra stuff, you can donate to the Junior League of New Orleans. They have asked for an emphasis on women and children, since diapers in all size and feminine hygiene products are in high demand. You can drop off goods to their office during regular business hours, or ship them to 4319 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115.

The Celtic Media Centre, a temporary shelter housing evacuees, has asked for items such as pillows, chairs, blankets and anything people can sit on, because the facility has concrete floors. You can deliver or ship donations to 10000 Celtic Drive in Baton Rouge.

According to the Flood Damage Survey at, there are immediate needs for clothes, underwear/ bras, bedding/blow-up mattresses, bottles, food, medicine, and water. For example, one parent requested the formula gentle ease, and clothes for her son, who wears a 6T or small/Medium. Clothing needs include men’s size 3x shirts , boxers size 38, pants size 38x32, socks, shoes size 11, women size 2xl, pants size 22, size 10-12 tops and bottoms, and just about anything else you can think of. Other parents have requested dog food and other pet supplies. Other requests range anywhere from cleaning wipes, latex gloves, bleach, cleaning supplies, allergy meds, and toiletry supplies. If you have an extra bottle lying around, again, you can ship that to 10000 Celtic Drive in Baton Rouge and it will help a person in need.

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