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Keep It Carbed

Save the planet and your health

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Are you tired of limiting your carbohydrates? Have you been refusing to eat bread, potatoes, corn and rice because you think they’ll make you fat? Well, guess what? You can stop starving yourself and start eating endless (complex) carbohydrates.

Recently, there’s been a trend going around that carbs are bad for you. Well, I hate to rain on your parade, proud low-carbers, but carbohydrates are essential for a properly functioning body. Your brain runs on carbohydrates and glucose. So stop limiting the fruit because it’s “too sugary” and start limiting your meat and dairy intake.

Have you ever thought it was just a little bit funny that we are limiting our fruit, starchy vegetables and grains even though grow from the ground. Nature literally just gives them to us for our health...

According to “The China Study,” meat and dairy has been linked to heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases. Carbs don’t make you fat; in fact, they make you thin. Fat makes you fat.

According to Dr. John McDougall, a physician and nutrition expert who has cured hundreds of patients of disease says, “The fat you eat is the fat you wear.” Dr. McDougall has cured his patients of with a high-carb, low-fat and starch-based diet. This type of diet includes eating until you are satiated of foods like grains, rice, corn, potatoes, vegetables and fruit. It’s a diet that eliminates oils, dairy and meat.

Carbs have a bad reputation because of the fatty foods that we eat with them. Breads drenched in butter, five cheese pastas, meat lovers pizza; these are the foods that cause Type 2 diabetes and other countless diseases. In fact, the protein in milk includes a growth hormone (IGF-1) that may promote the development of cancers.

Have you ever thought why so many people are lactose intolerant? It’s because dairy isn’t the right food for us. Cow’s milk is meant for a baby calf to grow rapidly for one year after it’s born. Why are we the only ones that continue to drink milk of another species when it’s completely unnecessary?

I know the sound of giving up meat and dairy sounds horrifying and incredibly hard, but it’s not. Now you’re able to eat pasta, bread, rice, potatoes and corn without the thought of gaining weight and increasing risk of disease. Complex carbohydrates are called comfort foods for a reason — because when humans eat carbohydrates, they increase the serotonin levels in the brain. Carbs literally make you happy. They also increase energy levels so shout out to the foods that actually make you want to move, instead of draining you.

At this point, you may be thinking, “Where do I get my protein?” “How do I get my calcium?” The answer: whole foods, vegetables, fruit and starch. Mother Nature designed whole-plant foods with the perfect amount of nutrition. According to Dr. McDougall, you could live off sweet potatoes and not be deficient in any type of way.

Cutting your meat and dairy intake isn’t going to make you protein deficient. I’m sure some of you may want to build muscle, so you think you have to eat tons of protein. But you can give up your whey protein shakes, because there are healthier plant food options such as pea and soy protein.

I’m not saying you have to give up your meat and dairy intake completely, but by limiting your intake you increase serotonin levels, decrease your risk of cancer and promote long-term, sustainable health. Also, side note a plant-based diet is sustainable for the Earth too so you're saving the planet and saving your health. Just think about it.

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