Just Be You & Not Anyone Else

2016 has come to an end and a new one has just begun, but do not let the feeling of a fresh new year fool you. Some of us get caught up in the celebration of the new year and start to become a person that we never use to be. We change and not for the better (if you don't know by now puns are my thing).

Think of the new year has the restart button on your computer. Your restarting a year but not changing who you are. Now, I'm not talking about when you change your diet or the way you eat because you want to feel physically better inside and out. I'm talking about the change of your entire self; becoming a copy.

Don't become someone else. Just be you.

Remind yourself that you're an original. You're unique. You're amazing in so many different ways. You're beautiful/handsome. You're fantastic at what you do. Your friends and family love you dearly because YOU ARE YOU.

Don't try to be the model on the cover of a magazine. Don't try to be like a celebrity you envy. Don't try to be the someone your crush is dating. Don't be a completely different person to get someones attention. Don't turn into the person who has put you down.

Just Be You & Not Anyone Else.

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