Journal On Odyssey 1:

I've wanted to start a series on Odyssey for a while now. However, I've never found a branch of topics I felt would be challenging and intuitive enough to compel me enough to write consistently.

I've recently found a post on Pinterest that focused on getting to know oneself by answering a series of 50 questions.

When it comes to daily journaling, it's not something I've been able to stick to for any significant amount of time. But it never stopped me from succumbing to journal envy at Target, because I am weak…

So I figured I'd put those journals to good use, by taking on a journaling challenge on the internet…

So the challenge is to journal from 50 prompts which will in turn allow you to learn more about yourself, your goals, purpose and what you want out of life. Today's prompt being "what is your most valuable trait?"

I think what I like most about myself is that I genuinely want to help. It may be as simple as helping put the equipment away after a workout class or even cleaning up after an event.

Not that it's something I do all the time or even at every opportunity but sometimes I do it out of a sheer need to lend a hand. I find it's a trait most people share because I believe deep down we hope that if the situation were reversed, we'd really appreciate it if someone gave us a hand without an ask.

I also get a good feeling from it. It reminds me that making someone smile or receiving a little appreciation from them doesn't require a huge amount of effort. The little gestures are how we connect with the work d and communicate non-verbally. With anything there's always more room for improvement, so for the future I'll be more intentional about it.

Like I mentioned, it's not every time I get the chance that I hold the door for someone. Sometimes there's a thousand things going on and I'm not worried about the people around me.

However it's a good practice in mindfulness to be aware of your surroundings and acknowledge the people around you. Practice this by greeting your neighbors, the people on your commute and even the employees in the stores you frequent.

Sooner or later you'll start seeing those same people living out their lives, when you're at the park or library or even at a party. For me it allows me to realize we're all connected and living in a shared space. The more good and kindness we put out, the more we see it reciprocated in our daily lives.

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