Job Opportunity: Becoming A Flight Attendant
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Job Opportunity: Becoming A Flight Attendant


Job Opportunity: Becoming A Flight Attendant


Flight attendants are skilled in providing excellent customer service and keeping safety standards on passenger planes. Many people find their careers as flight attendants to be rewarding. This can be particularly relevant for individuals who like to travel and assist others. We will tackle what flight attendant is, what they are doing, and how to create a resume for this job with the help of a resume builder.

What is a flight attendant?

A flight attendant is a professional who prioritizes keeping passengers safe and providing outstanding customer service. Moreover, flight attendants are responsible for ensuring that customers are pleased and comfortable throughout the travel. These professionals work as a part of the larger group of flight attendants who manage and operate aircraft.

Usually, flight attendants receive training specific to the aircraft they will be working on. The different airlines' workforce receives training on that aircraft's unique safety procedures so they can explain emergency procedures to passengers.

What are the tasks of a flight attendant?

Flight attendants are trained to handle the variety of personalities they encounter regularly. The captain of the aircraft provides a recap to the flight attendants as well as the rest of the crew before departure. The weather, safety issues, turbulence, and any other factors that can have an impact on the passenger experience are all covered in this debriefing. Before the plane takes off, flight attendants are informed if there are any VIP or special passengers on board.

Following this instruction, flight attendants assess the aircraft to check the operation of all emergency systems. They replace any defective emergency supplies, such as fire extinguishers and oxygen masks, as required.

Flight attendants assist customers in finding their seats and checking their tickets once they have boarded the aircraft. To protect the safety of other passengers, flight attendants watch passengers for any unusual or inappropriate behavior. They demonstrate emergency procedures and show guests where to get emergency supplies. The way to use oxygen masks, safety vests, and other emergency gear is also demonstrated to passengers.

How to become a flight attendant?

  • Complete your education. A high school diploma is the bare minimum academic requirement to work as a flight attendant. A college degree or certification is not required for flight attendants, but it can help you distinguish yourself from other applicants. Employers prefer candidates with an undergrad course in communications, tourism, human relations, or a related subject.
  • Acquire work experience. You benefit from having relevant work experience before seeking employment as a flight attendant because there is a high level of competition for these positions. Flight attendants with backgrounds in customer service positions such as retail or hospitality are aimed after by airlines. You must have an experience that indicates your ability to work in a busy environment, critical thinking, and great customer service.
  • Create a resume. Candidates must make a convincing résumé that highlights their interpersonal abilities if they would like to be hired. Your voluntary and professional experience should be highlighted on this resume. Consider volunteering before searching for a work opportunity because employers favor resumes that highlight this experience. Experience dealing with children is advantageous for flight attendants.

Include any jobs where you spent a lot of time standing up or working long hours. Since the job of a flight attendant is fast-paced and physically demanding, you should emphasize these abilities on your resume and in interviews. Keep in mind that some airlines only allow submissions for a limited period, so be prepared with your résumé. Be sure to customize your resume's specific information for each position you apply for.

  • Finish a job interview. To become a flight attendant, you must succeed in the interview. Before receiving a job offer and starting training, you will be given an invitation to an interview. Airlines frequently require candidates to submit to a drug test and criminal background checks during the interview process. You may also be required to take health checks by certain airlines. For example, they might request you to get your vision checked to make sure it is at least 20/40.

Before meeting with employers in person, most flight attendant interviews are conducted through video conference or by having you complete skills tests. If you're invited to participate in a video interview, ensure sure the environment is peaceful and that there are no background distractions. It is recommended to choose a simple background, such as a white wall. During the interview, the camera needs to remain steady and at eye level. To leave the best possible impression, ensure that you handle yourself professionally.

  • Complete a training course. Before you can officially work as a flight attendant, an airline usually requires that you finish training. You must attend the training for approximately eight hours every day for these programs, which can last from three and six weeks, depending on the airline. You must learn the codes for different airports, announcements, as well as other everyday flight attendant tasks as part of your flight attendant training. Before being authorized to work full-time, several airlines additionally require that you pass a set of exams.
  • Yearly training. Flight attendants must successfully pass annual training after earning their first certification to receive their license. Additionally, those whose certification has expired must finish this training course.

The majority of a flight attendant's time is spent in the cabin, and they are constantly on their feet. Flight attendants must maintain their composure when the aircraft feels rough because planes can also encounter turbulence. Additionally, they must convey assurance to maintain the passengers' peace of mind and optimism.

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