12 Thoughts College Students Have Returning To Campus In The Fall
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Student Life

12 Thoughts College Students Have Returning To Campus In The Fall

A new school year comes with responsibilities and expectations

12 Thoughts College Students Have Returning To Campus In The Fall

As summer comes to a close and college students start returning to school for fall semester, calls for studying and the lure of adult responsibilities. Whether you're ready to go back to school or not, the first day of classes will be here soon. Amid the large task of gathering new items to go back to school, here are 12 thoughts every college student has before starting a new school year:

I start school in a week and have nothing together

There are always those who wait till the last minute to get ready for the school year. This includes buying supplies, organizing your room and buying those dreaded textbooks.

I don't know my schedule/I actually have to be on a schedule

If you haven't been working the 9-5 job hours this summer, learning your schedule will be a shock to the system. Adapting to new changes on campus will be a challenge and jumping into new activities with studying can be intimidating.

I want to do activities but don't know what to join

Being overwhelmed with all of the clubs and activities is totally normal, especially when you have a short time to decide to join. Another deciding factor is how much time you have for each involvement.

What is exercise?

If you were more active during the school year than the summer, you will feel the burn from walking and getting back into that school year routine.

I have to move...again?

Nothing is more annoying at the beginning of each school year than moving your stuff home and then back to school three months later. A word to the wise is to simply your life, and then simplify some more. Less stuff = easier life.

It's been one day and I feel beat mood

Who knew syllabus week would be so taxing by just walking around campus, being with friends, and figuring out your schedule.

I may be back on my coffee addiction

It's time to pick up that coffee habit right where you left off last semester. You know you're going to need it.

Sleep deprivation is looming in the future

It wouldn't be college without sleep deprivation. If you're like me, once Thursday night hits you're sleeping and totally taking a personal recovery day on Friday full of TV, laundry, and cleaning.

My room is going to look so put together!

Summer is obviously more relaxing than the school year, so you may have life together a little more than during the semester. One unrealistic expectation is your room being perfectly put together the whole time. Just don't lie to yourself because you know it's not going to happen.


As more club activities are posted, so are recruitment sign ups. It's the week that looms in the future for potential new members and can be full of stress and anxiety on how it will go. However, no matter what happens all you can do is just be yourself.

Campus food

Over the summer, we all got spoiled with home cooked meals from the kitchen. Transitioning back to eating some campus food can be somewhat of a struggle. It's a friendly reminder there is nothing like real food and having endless opportunities available at the grocery store.

I actually have to know what day it is

Knowing the date is crucial for completing assignments and marking tests, papers, and finals week deadlines. Online calendars are very much key to mark, see and plan when to start studying in advance. Physical planners are a no go.

Here's to a great year of accomplishments and endless opportunities!

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