4 Tips To Help You Transition From Summer Break To Fall Semester

I am a fall kind of girl, through and through. I love the feeling of the cool air, the anticipation of the upcoming holidays, and being back into the routine of fall. But, it can be hard to transition from summer fun to the groove of the fall semester. Everything is so busy and intense. It is quite the switch from relaxing by the pool.

Here are some of the things I do in between transitioning from summer to fall that allow me to do it more seamlessly.

1. Take an online summer class.


This tip kills two birds with one stone. You get a credit out of the way and don't have a shock going back into fall. If you take a summer class online (preferred) or in person I find it is so much easier to get back into the swing of taking five classes and I do better during the fall semester academically.

2. Move-in early.


This tip is great if your housing situation allows for it. Moving in a few days early can change a lot. It gives you time to decorate, fill the fridge, get used to your new space, and feel less overwhelmed before the first day of classes. I really like to get to know my space and have it feel a little more homey before the stress of classes is upon us.

3. Make plans ahead of time.


if you're homesick easily like me, take the time during summer break to plan weekends that everyone will get together. I already have 4 weekends planned for my family to come see me and go to Disney. This helps relieve anxiety for me, because I know I get to see them soon, as well as stress of planning something last minute.

4. Don't over work yourself.


The first week of classes is a lot on its own. I try to do everything in the first week. get my nails done, do every workout class, get all of my books, etc. It is not good for me, stress wise, and then I get discouraged. Do what you can ahead of time, take care of yourself, and take a deep breath.

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