It's Time You Add A Vitamin C Serum To Your Morning Routine
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It's Time You Add A Vitamin C Serum To Your Morning Routine

What're you waiting for? Head to your closest beauty store!

It's Time You Add A Vitamin C Serum To Your Morning Routine
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Have you found yourself not being able to get rid of acne scars or hyperpigmentation? Find yourself trying different under eye creams and under-eye masks in order to get rid of under-eye circles? Can't find the perfect highlighter powder to bring light to your face? You aren't alone! You may only be experiencing one of these crises or maybe all of them, we are women so there is no shame in this game.

While different makeup and different creams can help with these things sometimes it's not enough and all that is done is clog your pores with deception! We are at an age where it is important to establish a proper face cleaning routine and I don't mean a super excessive one that your favorite Youtuber does (the truth is that they are getting sponsored for reviewing products that they may not even use...ever). We need a routine with good quality products and a routine that is catered to our specific needs.

Recently I have been using a vitamin C serum on my face after cleaning it in the morning and it has done wonders! I have noticed clearing up my skin from darker spots that I have along with not as dark under-eye circles. I began to realize that no matter how many peel-off masks I was using, it was not doing anything at all and it was just a waste of money.

So here's my challenge to you:

Invest in a good quality vitamin C your research and use it regularly as instructed. You will start to see the small changes and you will never go back to using useless products! We will not be young forever and our skin will eventually need a little help over the years and it's best to use natural methods right now than be stuck with things we don't like later down the road.

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