Being In Love Isn't Synonymous With Being Clingy
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5 Things Loving Girlfriends Do That Mistakenly Are Labeled As 'Clingy'

Quit mistaking loving behavior for neediness.


People always try to find a way to be bothered by other people's happiness. Girls who love loudly know this all too well. Far too often do people mistake our ways of showing our emotions for "clinginess" or "neediness" instead of the lovingness that it is. If you get called "clingy," you probably do the following things that get misinterpreted in a relationship:

1. You ask to constantly share your locations with each other.

This isn't for some crazy "I have to track his every move" reason. In fact, you hardly ever look at it. It's a comfort thing that goes both ways. If something happens, you know where each other is. If he's at a party and not on his phone but you don't have the address, you got it. And it's not like you're asking the world of him, because you're in turn sharing yours right back. Someone who's trustworthy should have no problem with this, don't let them trick you into thinking you're crazy.

2. You text each other pretty much constantly.

You don't constantly need the attention or him to devote all of his time to you. You don't get mad when he's with his friends and doesn't text as much as he did before. It's just how the flow of conversation works out. You text when you can, whether that's every minute or every hour. Some people tell you, "I don't talk to my girlfriend all day until we get home from classes or work," and that's great for them, but don't let their attempt to shame you for having a flowing conversation work.

3. You post about him on social media very, very often.

Whether it's tweets about missing him, Facebook posts about the nice things he does, or throwing Snapchat memories on your story to reminisce, one thing is for sure: it's a lot. Some people would call you annoying because even when you talk, it's about him. They try to make you feel bad about being so invested and in love. It's not your fault they get annoyed by your happiness, so keep tweeting. Hell, go the extra mile and make a thread of pictures of him as your pinned tweet.

4. You practically lay on him when you're both sitting, no matter where you're at.

If your dominant love language is physical touch, congrats, this is nothing new to you. Whether it's at his apartment while you watch movies or at a graduation party, some part of you has to be touching some part of him. Hand on his thigh while you sit, shoulder to shoulder while you talk to others, and so on. It's not annoying, you just value closeness and intimacy in even the most mundane of forms. Find someone who understands that.

5. You're with him every single day if you can help it.

You love him, so you want to be around him as much as possible because it makes you happy. That's pretty common sense. If being around someone never fails to brighten your day, make you smile, and make everything better, why wouldn't you be around them as much as you can? You don't say, "Actually, can you not go hang out with your guy friends? I want you home tonight." You might tag along if they feel it's OK and appropriate, you might stay home and watch Netflix until he gets home, or you might go do your own thing with your friends. You're best friends. You should want to see each other as often as you both are able.

You may be attached, you may be in love, but you're not clingy. You let your boyfriend be his own individual and have a life outside of you, you just want to share as much of your life together as you can while you're still able. Don't let people who are unhappy try to pick away at your own happiness by throwing harmful labels towards you. You and your man know how great your love is and neither of you would change a single thing.

If you love, love loudly. Don't hold it back.

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