America's Approach To The Israel-Palestine Conflict Is Woefully Ironic

America's Approach To The Israel-Palestine Conflict Is Woefully Ironic

Embracing Israel while vilifying Native Americans is hypocrisy of the greatest order.

Just recently, international news covered the Israeli attack on Palestinian protesters in Gaza that left no Israeli soldiers harmed and more than 100 Palestinian civilians dead. The attack has created a schism between the already tense sides of the conflict all around the world.

Palestinian supporters say the attack was unwarranted and nothing short of a massacre. Israeli supporters have claimed that the civilians were used as human shields as a part of a plan to increase the casualties and make the IDF look bad. It is hard to deny that from a PR standpoint, Palestine has had the upper hand in its communication with the media; the disparities between the number dead on each side alone does not make Israel look good.

However, despite this distinct lean towards empathy for the Palestinian side from an international standpoint, the United States continues to show its support for Israel through and through. In fact, the New York Times article about the attack highlights that the very minute the attacks were occurring in Gaza, the United States was celebrating with Israeli leaders over the opening of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem.

Even beyond the typical right-wing, Evangelical Christian support base of Donald Trump — who has continually backed Israel in the Israel/Palestine conflict — the majority of Americans support Israel in their proclaimed right to exist as a nation. Much of the claim is rooted in the idea that the Jewish people were the original owners of the land and that they hold not only a political right to the land but a God-given right.

And the fact that the majority of the American population has accepted this as truth could normally be something that I could accept as a simple difference in opinion — maybe as an atheist I fundamentally understand arguments made on the basis of religion, or maybe I just don’t think the idea of white people trying to invade a non-white county is anything other than imperialism disguised as religious liberty — except for the fact that if you are going to accept that a group of people has a right to whatever land that originally belonged to them, then you also have to accept that Native Americans have more of a right to America than we, the colonizers, do.

And we know how well that argument has worked for the Native Americans.

Israel continually claims that the Jews were the original people of the area, that the land was granted to them by God and that because they were there first, they are still the rightful owners. Similarly, Native Americans have continued to claim that they were the original owners of the land and that they were here long before we came and invaded — except those who express the idea that we all should leave and let the Native Americans have their land back are dismissed as insane, while those who support Israelis claiming the same thing are supported or at least have their opinion respected.

What’s more, the Israelis left Israel for an extended period of time and spread out to create the Jewish diaspora. The Native Americans have never left the land that they originally held. The Israelis have launched violent (no matter if you consider them justified or not) attacks on Palestinians. In all the history of America both in its colonized and independent state, never once has the toll of colonizers killed reached the total number of Palestinians killed over the past 20 years.

But we continue to give a voice to the Israelis and silence the Native Americans. There are a couple of reasons I can think of why we have allied ourselves so closely with Israel and yet remain so opposed to Native Americans. Racism comes to mind first. One of the clear distinctions between Native Americans and Israelis is that Israelis as a whole are white and the Jewish diaspora as a whole is a white one, while Native Americans are decidedly people of color.

Another distinction is that the fact that that the Israelis are returning to a land they left and demanding ownership is strikingly similar to all of the United States’s imperial conquests and imperialism in general. If we admit that what Israel is doing is wrong, we have to finally face the fact that our imperialism was wrong, too, and that is something that we aren’t prepared to face.

Any way you put it, America is going to be forced to confront its awful past soon: Are we going to ally ourselves with Israel and admit that the Native Americans have been right to resent what we’ve done to them all along, or are we going to ally ourselves with Palestine and admit that our culture of Imperialism and Islamophobia is destructive and nothing more than racism by another name?

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The Trump Presidency Is Over

Say hello to President Mike Pence.


Remember this date: August 21, 2018.

This was the day that two of President Donald Trump's most-important associates were convicted on eight counts each, and one directly implicated the president himself.

Paul Manafort was Trump's campaign chairman for a few months in 2016, but the charges brought against him don't necessarily implicate Trump. However, they are incredibly important considering was is one of the most influential people in the Trump campaign and picked Mike Pence to be the vice presidential candidate.

Manafort was convicted on five counts of tax fraud, two counts of bank fraud, and one count of failure to file a report of a foreign bank account. And it could have been even worse. The jury was only unanimous on eight counts while 10 counts were declared a mistrial.

Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, told a judge that Trump explicitly instructed him to break campaign-finance laws by paying two women not to publicly disclose the affairs they had with Trump. Those two women are believed to be Karen McDougal, a Playboy model, and Stormy Daniels, a pornstar. Trump had an affair with both while married to his current wife, Melania.

And then to no surprise, Fox News pundits spun this in the only way they know how. Sara Carter on Hannity said that the FBI and the Department of Justice are colluding as if it's some sort of deep-state conspiracy. Does someone want to tell her that the FBI is literally a part of the DOJ?

The Republican Party has for too long let Trump get away with criminal behavior, and it's long past time to, at the very least, remove Mr. Trump from office.

And then Trump should face the consequences for the crimes he has committed. Yes, Democrats have a role, too. But Republicans have control of both chambers of Congress, so they head every committee. They have the power to subpoena Trump's tax returns, which they have not. They have the power to subpoena key witnesses in their Russia investigations, which they have not.

For the better part of a year I have been asking myself what is the breaking point with Republicans and Trump. It does not seem like there is one, so for the time being we're stuck with a president who paid off two women he had an affair with in an attempt to influence a United States election.

Imagine for a second that any past president had done even a fraction of what Trump has.

Barack Obama got eviscerated for wearing a tan suit. If he had affairs with multiple women, then Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would be preparing to burn him at the stake. If they won't, then Trump's enthusiastic would be more than happy to do so.

For too long we've been saying that Trump is heading down a road similar to Nixon, but it's evident now that we're way past that point. Donald Trump now has incriminating evidence against him to prove he's a criminal, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller is just getting started.

Will Trump soften the blow and resign in disgrace before impeachment like Nixon did? Knowing his fragile ego, there's honestly no telling what he'll do. But it's high time Trump leaves an office he never should have entered in the first place.

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Stop Cussing Damn It!

Why society needs to be less aggressive in response to foul language.


Well shit, here we go again. In a world of constantly changing language in our everyday society, we need to take a step back on the censorship of words. Foul or vulgar language is frowned upon in most social settings, more specifically in public settings. Language has been created for us to communicate with one another. The fact that there is a whole group of words that are completely disregarded because they are "Cruel" or "Unnecessary" strike me as odd. Language and lexicon was created to allow each person to freely express themselves, their feelings and ideas, openly to everyone. Words like damn, shit, hell, and phrases like son of a bitch and fuck off are overly addressed as negative and foul.

As with any way of speaking, it is all about your deliverance of such language. Yes, is directing a "Fuck you" openly to someone in public a great idea, not really. But, in a general context, there shouldn't be a censorship on such phrases. If these types of words are not being used in derogatory ways, then I see no issue with them. Words help express us and our emotions. Foul language can emphasize our excitement, frustration, or anger with any situation. These words and phrases are just the natural evolution of our language. More so, there is a huge acceptance gap generation to generation.

This acceptance gap is huge from Generation X to Generation Y, or the Millennials, and even more of a gap with Generation Z. Things that offend Gen Y and are disgraced by Gen X don't always phase Gen Z individuals. Saying shit and damn have become natural filler words, sometimes used as verbs, most of the time as adjectives. It's actually quite interesting to hear people from different generations speak. Most people nowadays don't even register how much they swear because of how natural it is to them. I myself cuss a lot, a part of me in what society has labeled as a "bad habit".

Cussing, swearing, using foul language, or however you want to label it, is just something that has been integrated into our society more and more. Like anything, the time and place should always be taken into consideration before dropping words like bitch and fuck, but most of the time there isn't a bad time to speak with these choice words. Another thing is, if society accepted, and even mainstreamed, words that are frowned upon into natural conversation, they no longer would hold much power. If everyone "talked dirty" or used a "foul mouth" all the time, then no one would be cursing. We would all be simply speaking.

We as humans are constantly witnessing change. Our language has been changing and evolving since the very first grunt in history. We will continue to evolve our language and words that are viewed as "bad" now probably wont even be spoken by the end of the century. There will always be "bad words" and sayings that can be taken offense to, but like stated earlier, it's all about deliverance. I say who gives a shit, go ahead and cuss all the damn time, I don't give a fuck. Nothing in that sentence is rude or offensive. Is it the most professional sentence? No, of course it isn't, but nonetheless, sentences like that shouldn't be disapproved by society. We, as a society, should embrace the way our language and communication levels are evolving, and if we properly teach people how and when to use such "disgraceful phrases", there won't be an issue.

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