Is It Love, Or A Price Tag That Matters?

I'm going to start by saying that I'm probably one of the rarest girls that you will find. I don't really like expensive, gaudy gifts, and I don't like flaunting my relationships on social media.

1. Minimal Social Media Posting

It's rare that you'll see me post about my boyfriend simply because I like the intimacy that we have outside of this world that is so focused on "likes" and "hearts". I like people actually asking questions about my relationship rather than it just being put out there for all to see. I like knowing that the date my Andrew took me on was between us. Every laugh and smile was genuine. We didn't have to ask someone to take our picture just so I could post one. We kept our phones OFF so we could enjoy each other. This is a personal decision I have made because it gives me peace knowing that my number one goal in a date is to have FUN, not post a picture because "my man is so awesome and I want everyone to know and be jealous and like my photo".

2. I don't want an expensive engagement ring OR a wedding.

If you read my article telling a little about myself, you know that Mexican food is my drug. The typical price of an engagement ring in North Alabama is $1500-$5000. To put that in perspective, my first car costed $2400. People are paying that and more for a ring, that sits on their finger. The more a ring costs does not define the love that the man has for a woman. The ring symbolizes a promise for marriage. A promise filled with love and devotion. The price and the size of the ring don't do anything but make a good point to show off how well your man is doing financially. For a lot of girls, they want the big ring and the big fairy tale wedding. Again, I go back to the intimacy thing and I just want a ring to symbolize a promise. It doesn't have to be a diamond. It doesn't have to be big or expensive. Just a promise. I literally want me, my fiance, and my Pastor presiding over our wedding. I don't want a bunch of people there, staring at us. I want the closest of people to be there with us and rejoice after the ceremony, but I'm not going to have food bought or prepared for them. I don't want my wedding day to be tainted by a price tag. I want to enjoy the day in my own way and enjoy my new husband.

3. I want to enjoy fun things but not at the expense of going broke.

I've been broke before to the point where I'm not sure if I'm going to have gas money. I want to have fun and I want to go out with my boyfriend, but not at all at the expense of having no savings account. I don't want flowers. (yeah, I'm a girl who hates cut flowers) If you want to buy me a plant, buy me something that won't die in a week or two. I don't believe that the more diamonds I have or the more flowers I get, the better my relationship is.

TIME with my boyfriend means the world to me. Time is something that you can't get back. Time is something that is genuinely given to someone or something you care about. I want to look back on my life and have great memories that don't consist of "let's take a picture" and "awwww all of those flowers!" I want to look back and see the days we went hiking, to the zoo, on a nice date, etc. So, no, I'm not the typical girl. Don't buy me diamonds or flowers. Spend time with me and enjoy the time we have together.

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