10 Instagram Accounts That Are Good For Your Mental Health
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Health and Wellness

10 Instagram Accounts That Are Good For Your Mental Health

Fill your feed with some sunshine!

10 Instagram Accounts That Are Good For Your Mental Health
Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash

Social media use can be a hit or miss: we can find ourselves drained after doom-scrolling or left feeling a little more inspired and motivated. To make sure it's the latter, below are 10 Instagram accounts that will always encourage you and lift you up. Count on colorful doodles, empathetic truths, and warm words of wisdom.

Chibird Art

Chibird Art has such creative, heartwarming messages that can only be described as soul food. Just when you're having a bad day, a comic will come in your feed and lift your spirits. Follow for an abundance of cuteness!

The Latest Kate

The Latest Kate has been my favorite artist for mental health encouragement for several years. Her brilliant way of conveying profound truths with magical drawings of comfort animals always has a way of calming my mind, and I would love for her to get the recognition she deserves!

Liz and Mollie

Follow Liz and Mollie for thoughtful infographics that question the way we think and disrupt our defaults. They're smart and designed to get you out of your rut so you can catch self-sabotaging thoughts in their tracks.

Self Care 4 Yu

This self-care account will help you reflect on your own life and also bring to life the good that's already there, but is hard to see. I often find myself thinking about how these tidbits apply to my own living, and I hope they do the same for you.


Follow Thrive for affirming messages and information that supports your physical and mental health. Their content strives to shift the lens from society's glorification of burnout to establishing healthy habits and boundaries for one's own self.

Good News Dog

Good News Dog will fill your feed with joyful content from around the world, a much needed break from the usual everyday news!

Dog feelings

If you could hear a dog's thoughts out loud, I honestly believe that these posts are what they would sound like. I laugh every time I see these 'thoughts' because they're accurate and remind me of how much happiness dogs bring!

Doot Doodles

Follow @doot_doodles for quirky, inspirational, and sarcastic doodles that poke fun at life, give you a laugh, and encourage you a whole lot. Sometimes, all you need is solidarity that others feel the same way as you, and this account certainly delivers.

This Feels Nice

Follow this account for beautiful, blue-themed drawings that are guaranteed to always support you and make you feel loved. They're easy on the eyes and will always leave your heart warm. 💙

My Self-love Supply

Finally, follow this account for reminders to always love yourself. Loving ourselves takes on so many different meanings, and the messages given here are such a wonderful testament to that: valuing yourself, understanding your strengths, and above all, showing appreciation for all that you are.

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