Don't Let Independence From Experiencing Something Great

Independence is a rare but beautiful trait to possess. We enjoy doing daily activities by ourselves and never feel the need to have reassurance from anyone. While we may believe we are confident enough to take on this life alone, there is always a deeper reason as to why we have trouble letting our guard down. Whether you're fearful of being hurt, waiting for the right one, or keeping your standards high, you will never know the outcome unless you try.

What if you become so independent that you miss out on something great?

Building up a wall and only allowing a select few to even attempt at breaking it down can become a lonely lifestyle. We don't have to settle down and marry the first person we have a connection with but letting an ethical person stand by your side while you take on life's challenges can serve more benefits than not. When you allow somebody into your space, that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to your time for good. Communication is a massive part of being with somebody and if you explain your independence in a real way, the person you are with should not only accept this trait but love you even more because of it.

Being independent is undoubtedly not a bad thing to be. I have watched many of my friends settle or be in toxic relationships because they are too afraid to not have somebody always at their side. Instead of having a significant other, we become comfortable with relying on our close friends or family but more importantly, we become pleased with ourselves. When somebody new walks into your life and creates the potential to throw off your surroundings and comfortability, it scares us. We sometimes become so accustomed to being alone that we forget what it feels like to be in love. The compliments, support, and friendship that comes with having a significant other could be a strange feeling when we are quicker to push somebody away then let somebody in.

I have only been in one relationship, and I am in my 20s. The title is the thing that freaks me out the most. I am not afraid to settle down, and I am more than loyal when I have a significant other in my life, but when I become somebody's girlfriend, I feel as if I have lost my title. The fear I have when I allow somebody to walk into my life and let my wall down is that I will forget who I am and become too dependent on somebody else. Instead of putting my fears at the top of the list, I rarely think of what I can gain when I am with somebody who is genuinely accepting of me. Maturity and opportunity have a lot in common with a relationship. Regardless of what time you are at in your life, allow yourself to do what makes you happy and do not spend the good years worrying about something down the road.

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