In A World Full Of Hate

We see it all over the news, plastered across social media platforms, and thrown in front of us every single direction we look in. It's in our schools, our jobs, our neighborhoods, our states, our country, and our planet. Sometimes it seems inescapable. It's as if we're all on a downward spiral of hate. Sometimes, it's hard to see through the dense fog that seems to have taken over our world.

But what if we all took a step back and sat down for a minute? What if we all stopped rushing around and stressing ourselves out over things that won't matter in 5 years? What if we all smiled at the person in the grocery store? What if we told someone we care about how much they mean to us?

What if we all wake up tomorrow morning and decide that we choose to be a world full of love?

This world is a gift, and each life on it is, too. We live in a beautiful world full of beautiful people who are all gifted and blessed in their own unique ways, so what if instead of listening to the hate, we chose to give our energy to love? What if we all recognized and realized that we are all different and everyone deserves a fighting chance to be listened to and accepted?

Hate only lives where it is welcomed. We have the power to choose that we will not tolerate hate anymore. We have the power to make it go away.

All it takes is a smile, a hug, a wave, or a helping hand. Love is showing grace, acceptance, and positivity to everyone you meet. Love is making everyone around you feel welcome and safe. It's nothing more than a simple "good morning" to a passerby, and yet we still seem to choose hate. Why?

What if we all decided that we don't want hate anymore? What if we decided that we won't put up with hate any longer? What if we chose love instead? What if we all stopped blaming those around us and took responsibility for ourselves and chose to fill this world with love?

What if we all loved each other? What if we all stopped competing to see who's problems were more earth-shattering? What if instead we loved our neighbors and our families and chose to look above the fog of hate? Because hate will only be where hate is welcomed. So what if we kicked hate out?

After all, we all have to live on this world together. We might as well make it a place we all want to be.

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