I’m NOT With Her
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I’m NOT With Her

"A dishonest woman shines more in politics than elsewhere."

I’m NOT With Her

Before I even begin writing, I want to clarify that I am not writing this to support Donald Trump. Rather to simply explain my fears and thoughts on what we know to be true about one of our presidential candidates, Mrs. Clinton.

Recently, outsiders have perceived America as a laughing stock. I mean can you blame them? Look at us, and look at this upcoming election. We have a woman who has a federal investigation CURRENTLY happening running for President of the United States. Can anyone tell me how that is okay? Because I don't understand how this is allowed.

I will be petrified for our country if she does become the next President. She has already done so much bad for our country without even being President that it makes me question how much worse she could actually do if she does become elected. For 30 years the Clintons have been lying and cheating their way to the top.

Let's start with the fact that she let four of our American soldiers die in Benghazi, after ignoring their cries for help. There is solid proof of this, yet people just brush this off and take her word. Even after this incident occurred she didn't even show the slightest sign of condolence or sympathy. What she actually did was appear on live television and asked, "What difference does it make?"

Considering she grew up as a privileged white American, attended Yale University, she should know the difference that it makes. It’s pretty self-explanatory. FOUR of our men are dead because of her. Mothers and fathers lost sons and children do not have fathers, yet again because of her. My heart breaks for these families especially mothers like Patricia Smith, who lost her son in Benghazi and stated that Hillary, "Kills people." But I mean come on, "What difference does it make?"

But I guess she really wouldn't know what it's like to have a real family. Considering that one of her own nieces, Macy Smit, reported to the NY Post that she is not voting for her because she is all talk. Macy Smit also stated that she completely is not about family values like she says she is. Considering that she has never even met or helped out Macy's family. She has also stuck by a man who has harassed many women. And she wants to be supported by women? What woman would support someone who stood by her husband after knowing he was assaulting other women and cheating on her with INTERNS? Does the name Monica ring a bell?

She is also so out of touch with the middle class as well, I mean what can I say? She ended her career as secretary of state with hundreds of millions of dollars, thanks to the Clinton Foundation, and the pay for play she engaged in. But that all goes back to how she really doesn’t know what it's like to be an American citizen. Too bad the American workers don't have a few million dollars to "donate" to her fund, right? Because maybe then we could actually get her attention and get her to fight for us.

Did all of her voters also forget that she dumped 33,000 emails into a bleach bit program to become destroyed? What did she have to hide? Well, we have learned a lot about Clinton’s emails through a source called WikiLeaks. We also know how all of her closest staff members feel about Catholics. Because apparently, Catholics are only Catholics because their rich friends won't understand if they became Evangelicals. You would've thought that she would have at least apologized on behalf of her staff right? Well, she didn’t she actually allowed it to happen. So even though this didn’t come directly from her she also didn’t do anything about it.

Even though many things still remain unclear when it comes to the emails, as we all know by now, the FBI has recently re-opened her case to investigate more into her private server. But as Clinton has asked for the FBI to release all the information that they have, I mean that would be a lot easier if she didn't delete everything.

I also LOVE her integrity. Even from when she first started her political career as an investigator on the Watergate scandal. She wanted to bring justice for the people against a president who spied on the democrats. Too bad she didn't get to see the investigation through and was kicked off the team because she was making back-room deals with people. Shocking right?

After all of this proof that she is not who she says she it, it astounds me that people with still stand by her. How do Americans not believe reliable sources? Family members from victims of Benghazi, and even WikiLeaks have shown evidence, but instead, people are just taking her word for all of it. She is fooling all of you and simply doesn't care about anyone but herself.

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