"I'm A Mouse Duh"
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"I'm A Mouse Duh"

7 Halloween Costumes You Can be Sure You'll See This Year

"I'm A Mouse Duh"

The 7 Halloween Costumes you can be sure you will see this year

As Halloween rolls around so does the decision of what costume you should wear this year. When we were younger you only needed one perfect costume and you were set. In elementary school it was all about who looked the coolest and whose parents let them get the best costume from party city. In college the whole game changes, instead of one you need three, instead of pre-made costumes from party city that your parents pay for, it’s more like things we can throw together and spend the least money possible but still have the three best costumes. Every year there are always those trending costumes that we all know at least 5 people at the party will be wearing. As Cady Heron would say “In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”-Mean Girls. This year we can be sure we will see a lot of girls with cat ears, vampire caps and football jerseys. But these are 7 costumes that we can be sure we will see at least 1 night of Halloween:

Harley Quinn:

To be honest with you I’m not exactly sure why girls dress up like this or what it means but you can be sure you will see it!

Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton:

I mean come on people it’s not even Halloween yet and every day we see on social media someone dressed up as trump or Clinton. This is an obvious one and one that could really get annoying!

Ken Bone:

Well while we are on the topic of the election, we must not forget about the oh so anticipated Halloween costume of Ken Bone. Everyone get your red sweaters ready!

“Killer” Clown:

This clown epidemic is crazy but also viral. We all know there will be those messed up teens that will dress like the killer clowns just to scare people. *pre-warning* if your dressed like a clown steer clear of me!

Any type of star wars costume:

With the new star wars movie being recently released we can be sure we will see lots of Luke Skywalker’s and Princesses Leia’s walking around!

Sexy Cat:

This is a classic and must be included in all Halloween costume lists, you can be sure you will see serval girls rocking the classic all black look with cat ears and whiskers all weekend!

Play Boy Bunny:

To all the guys out there I know this is your personal fav! But is also a classis so keep your eye peeled for girls in onesies and bunny tails hopping around this Halloween!

Halloween is a time where you can be anything you want to be, so this Halloween don’t be afraid to express yourself. Dress up like that slutty cat, or that play boy bunny. Like we all know this is the only day a year you can do this!

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