If College Majors Were Classic Halloween Candies

If College Majors Were Classic Halloween Candies

If you've ever wondered which candy you're most like, you might find the answer here.

Which classic Halloween candy are you, really?

1. Licorice: History

I'm talking straight up black licorice here. Some people love licorice but no one really understands why because it's kind of gross and boring. Why would anyone eat licorice by choice? It takes a special kind of person to be a history major as well as one who genuinely enjoys eating sticky black tar.

2. Skittles: Theater

"Taste the Rainbow" is the perfect slogan to describe both Skittles and theater majors. Like each Skittle, theater majors have their own bold flavor and color, making every one unique and individual, but as a whole, they are an eye-catching, fruit flavored rainbow.

3. Smarties: Math

Do I really have to explain this one?

4. York Peppermint Patty: Fashion

Often misunderstood, the York Peppermint Patty gets a mediocre rep because it seems like this candy wouldn't be successful...Or something like that. But if you really look at this combo of dark chocolate and mint, it has a lot to offer. Much like fashion majors, York Peppermint Patties are often underestimated. You might see one on the cover of Vogue one day though, so don't discount these cool treats.

5. M&M's: Public Relations

Colorful and loved by everyone, M&M's are a classic. You also see them everywhere, they have funny television commercials, and you just can't help but buy them to go along with popcorn because you can't have popcorn without M&M's. They have a way of working themselves into your life without you even noticing! When you think about it, PR majors are definitely singlehandedly responsible for the world's love of this candy due to their knack for advertising and charismatic attitudes.

6. Caramel Apple Pops: Childhood Education

These pops are the most fun and festive Halloween candy there is, hands down. This candy is also really extra. Whoever invented Caramel Apple Pops was probably an elementary school teacher because they are always coming up with creative sh*t that kids love.

7. Popcorn Ball: Architecture

First of all, how the heck does one attempt to eat this thing? The popcorn ball is mysterious yet aesthetically pleasing, much like the creations of architects. Mind-blowing and appreciable, this Halloween treat is truly a work of art.

8. Nerds: Engineering

Remember when your mom said, "Be nice to nerds because they'll be your boss one day" - this is still true. You might actually want to consider dating one because they're really smart and will probably make a lot of money one day.

10. Reese's: Computer Science

Looks normal on the outside, but the inside makes them so much better than just some plain old chocolate. You'll never think someone is a computer science major upon meeting them, but when they help you figure out how to use Microsoft Excel, you'll love them forever.

11. Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar: Business

An idea as simple as a bar of chocolate might be single-handedly responsible for the 6 billion dollar industry that candy is today. This is the OG Halloween candy, the Godfather of all chocolate bars if you will. Like this candy, business majors are innovative, with the simple goal of making lots of money.

12. Baby Ruth: Athletic Training

Named after the late and great Babe Ruth, how could an athletic training major be similar to any other candy? A protégé of great sportsmanship, these people are dedicated to doing the best they can to make sure athletes perform at the top of their game. I can't say that eating this candy will make you perform any athletic task better than before you ate it, but a kid can dream.

13. Tootsie Roll: English

No one really cares about Tootsie Rolls, they're just kind of there. No one knows where they come from or what they're all about. Are they chocolate? Are they taffy? Do we care? Nah. Yeah, English majors are cool but what job do they want after college? How can one person possibly like to read so much? There are just so many questions here.

14. Candy Corn: Undecided

There are so many mixed feelings about candy corn that it's literally impossible to decide if it is the most fantastic thing you've ever eaten or complete trash made to look like a vegetable. Nobody knows what the heck is up with candy corn and undecided majors obviously don't know what the heck they want to do, but they're probably thinking, "hey, I might as well go to school so I can make something of myself one day".

15. Milky Way: Astronomy

When you think of a Milky Way bar, don't you think of how when you bite into it, the caramel stretches out and you're like wow this is smooth and dreamy? Same for astronomy majors. They know a lot about stars, planets, and the night sky, all of which seem magical AF and pretty intriguing. Smooth and dreamy, my friends.

16. 100 Grand: Pre-Med

Pre-Med majors will most likely become doctors or surgeons or some sort of medical professional one day. Their starting paychecks will probably be about 100 grand. Who even knows what this candy is? Who cares, it sounds expensive.

17. Raisins: Nutrition

Raisins are not candy. Nutrition majors are probably all about raisins.

Cover Image Credit: inkyhack / Flickr

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5 Things I Learned While Being A CNA

It's more than just $10 an hour. It is priceless.

If I asked you to wipe someone's butt for $10 would you do it? If I asked you to give a shower to a blind, mentally confused person for $10 would you do it? If I asked you to simply wear a shirt stained with feces that was not your own for 12+ hours for $10 would you do it?

You probably wouldn't do it. I do it every day. During the course of one hour I change diapers, give showers to those who can no longer bathe themselves, feed mouths that sometimes can no longer speak and show love to some that do not even know I am there all for ten dollars.

I am a certified nursing assistant.

My experiences while working as a CNA have made me realize a few things that I believe every person should consider, especially those that are in the medical field.

1. The World Needs More People To Care

Working as a nursing assistant is not my only source of income. For the past year I have also worked as a waitress. There are nights that I make triple the amount while working as a waitress for 6 hours than I make while taking care of several lives during a 12 hour shift. Don't get me wrong, being a waitress is not a piece of cake. I do, however, find it upsetting that people care more about the quality of their food than the quality of care that human beings are receiving. I think the problem with the world is that we need to care more or more people need to start caring.

2. I Would Do This Job For Free

One of my teachers in high school said "I love my job so much, if I didn't have to pay bills, I would do it for free." I had no clue what this guy was talking about. He would work for free? He would teach drama filled, immature high school students for free? He's crazy.

I thought he was crazy until I became a CNA. Now I can honestly say that this is a job I would do for free. I would do it for free? I'd wipe butts for free? I must be crazy.

There is a very common misconception that I am just a butt-wiper, but I am more than that. I save lives!

Every night I walk into work with a smile on my face at 5:00 PM, and I leave with a grin plastered on my face from ear to ear every morning at 5:30 AM. These people are not just patients, they are my family. I am the last face they see at night and the first one they talk to in the morning.

3. Eat Dessert First

Eat your dessert first. My biggest pet peeve is when I hear another CNA yell at another human being as if they are being scolded. One day I witnessed a co-worker take away a resident's ice cream, because they insisted the resident needed to "get their protein."

Although that may be true, we are here to take care of the patients because they can't do it themselves. Residents do not pay thousands of dollars each month to be treated as if they are pests. Our ninety-year-old patients do not need to be treated as children. Our job is not to boss our patients around.

This might be their last damn meal and you stole their ice cream and forced them to eat a tasteless cafeteria puree.

Since that day I have chosen to eat desserts first when I go out to eat. The next second of my life is not promised. Yes, I would rather consume an entire dessert by myself and be too full to finish my main course, than to eat my pasta and say something along the lines of "No, I'll pass on cheesecake. I'll take the check."

A bowl of ice cream is not going to decrease the length of anyone's life any more than a ham sandwich is going to increase the length of anyone's life. Therefore, I give my patients their dessert first.

4. Life Goes On

This phrase is simply a phrase until life experience gives it a real meaning. If you and your boyfriend break up or you get a bad grade on a test life will still continue. Life goes on.

As a health care professional you make memories and bonds with patients and residents. This summer a resident that I was close to was slowly slipping away. I knew, the nurses knew and the family knew. Just because you know doesn't mean that you're ready. I tried my best to fit in a quick lunch break and even though I rushed to get back, I was too late. The nurse asked me to fulfill my duty to carry on with post-mortem care. My eyes were filled with tears as I gathered my supplies to perform the routine bed bath. I brushed their hair one last time, closed their eye lids and talked to them while cleansing their still lifeless body. Through the entire process I talked and explained what I was doing as I would if my patient were still living.

That night changed my life.

How could they be gone just like that? I tried to collect my thoughts for a moment. I broke down for a second before *ding* my next call. I didn't have a moment to break down, because life goes on.

So, I walked into my next residents room and laughed and joked with them as I normally would. I put on a smile and I probably gave more hugs that night than I normally do.

That night I learned something. Life goes on, no matter how bad you want it to just slow down. Never take anything for granted.

5. My Patients Give My Life Meaning

My residents gave my life a new meaning. I will never forget the day I worked twelve hours and the person that was supposed to come in for me never showed up. I needed coffee, rest, breakfast or preferably all of the above. I recall feeling exasperated and now I regret slightly pondering to myself "Should I really be spending my summer like this?" Something happened that changed my view on life completely. I walked into a resident's room and said "Don't worry it's not Thursday yet", since I had told her on that Tuesday morning that she wouldn't see me until I worked again on Thursday. She laughed and exclaimed "I didn't think so, but I didn't want to say anything," she chuckled and then she smiled at me again before she said, "Well... I am glad you're still here." The look on her face did nothing less than prove her words to be true. That's when I realized that I was right where I needed to be.

Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, I needed caffeine or a sufficient amount of sleep. My job is not just a job. My work is not for a paycheck. My residents mean more to me than any amount of money.

I don't mind doing what I do for $10; because you can't put a price on love. The memories that I have with my patients are priceless.

Cover Image Credit: Mackenzie Rogers

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The Ultimate Fall-Themed Bucket List To Make The Most Of Your Autumn

Here's a list of my bucket list for the next couple months.


Fall is my all time favorite time of the year! October through December are the best months because the weather is amazing and all of the holidays are full of family and fun. There is just something about the fall air that makes the world so enjoyable. Pumpkin spice and football games are just a few of the beautiful things autumn has to offer.

Here are the top places my friends and I have been talking about doing these next couple weeks (and I guess we will see if we end up making it to all these places and doing these things)...

1. 31 nights of Halloween

31 nights of Halloween is new this year to Freeform, and I could not be more excited! 31 days is so much better than the usual 13 days.

2. Haunted House

Who doesn't love being terrified? Haunted houses are always so fun and the time leading up to it is always fun as well. Haunted houses and scary corn mazes are the best part of October.

3. A pumpkin patch

You can't have fall without pumpkins, and the pumpkin patch is the best place for that.

4. Carve the perfect pumpkin and roast the seeds

I don't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin, I am sure my skills have gotten a little better. Growing up the best part about carving pumpkins was always roasting the seeds after and putting cinnamon and sugar on them.

5. Halloween party

Dressing up for Halloween is one of the best parts about October because for one night you can be whoever you want. The decorations at Halloween parties are always so cute and creative as well.

6. Try everything pumpkin spice

This time of the year is most famous for everything becoming pumpkin flavor from coffee to ice cream and everything in between.

7. Decorating 

I love decorating and seeing all the different decorations for fall and halloween everywhere.

8. K-State football game & tailgate

Nothing is better than a nice crisp day cheering on the Wildcats to a victory in the Bill.

9. Shopping

Shopping is my favorite thing to do no matter the season, but shopping for fall clothes is the most fun. Finding cute sweaters and scarves to layer your outfits is my favorite.

These are just a few of the many things I want to do before it is too late and hopefully this gave you and your friends some ideas on what to do this fall!


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