If College Majors Were Classic Halloween Candies

If College Majors Were Classic Halloween Candies

If you've ever wondered which candy you're most like, you might find the answer here.

Which classic Halloween candy are you, really?

1. Licorice: History

I'm talking straight up black licorice here. Some people love licorice but no one really understands why because it's kind of gross and boring. Why would anyone eat licorice by choice? It takes a special kind of person to be a history major as well as one who genuinely enjoys eating sticky black tar.

2. Skittles: Theater

"Taste the Rainbow" is the perfect slogan to describe both Skittles and theater majors. Like each Skittle, theater majors have their own bold flavor and color, making every one unique and individual, but as a whole, they are an eye-catching, fruit flavored rainbow.

3. Smarties: Math

Do I really have to explain this one?

4. York Peppermint Patty: Fashion

Often misunderstood, the York Peppermint Patty gets a mediocre rep because it seems like this candy wouldn't be successful...Or something like that. But if you really look at this combo of dark chocolate and mint, it has a lot to offer. Much like fashion majors, York Peppermint Patties are often underestimated. You might see one on the cover of Vogue one day though, so don't discount these cool treats.

5. M&M's: Public Relations

Colorful and loved by everyone, M&M's are a classic. You also see them everywhere, they have funny television commercials, and you just can't help but buy them to go along with popcorn because you can't have popcorn without M&M's. They have a way of working themselves into your life without you even noticing! When you think about it, PR majors are definitely singlehandedly responsible for the world's love of this candy due to their knack for advertising and charismatic attitudes.

6. Caramel Apple Pops: Childhood Education

These pops are the most fun and festive Halloween candy there is, hands down. This candy is also really extra. Whoever invented Caramel Apple Pops was probably an elementary school teacher because they are always coming up with creative sh*t that kids love.

7. Popcorn Ball: Architecture

First of all, how the heck does one attempt to eat this thing? The popcorn ball is mysterious yet aesthetically pleasing, much like the creations of architects. Mind-blowing and appreciable, this Halloween treat is truly a work of art.

8. Nerds: Engineering

Remember when your mom said, "Be nice to nerds because they'll be your boss one day" - this is still true. You might actually want to consider dating one because they're really smart and will probably make a lot of money one day.

10. Reese's: Computer Science

Looks normal on the outside, but the inside makes them so much better than just some plain old chocolate. You'll never think someone is a computer science major upon meeting them, but when they help you figure out how to use Microsoft Excel, you'll love them forever.

11. Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar: Business

An idea as simple as a bar of chocolate might be single-handedly responsible for the 6 billion dollar industry that candy is today. This is the OG Halloween candy, the Godfather of all chocolate bars if you will. Like this candy, business majors are innovative, with the simple goal of making lots of money.

12. Baby Ruth: Athletic Training

Named after the late and great Babe Ruth, how could an athletic training major be similar to any other candy? A protégé of great sportsmanship, these people are dedicated to doing the best they can to make sure athletes perform at the top of their game. I can't say that eating this candy will make you perform any athletic task better than before you ate it, but a kid can dream.

13. Tootsie Roll: English

No one really cares about Tootsie Rolls, they're just kind of there. No one knows where they come from or what they're all about. Are they chocolate? Are they taffy? Do we care? Nah. Yeah, English majors are cool but what job do they want after college? How can one person possibly like to read so much? There are just so many questions here.

14. Candy Corn: Undecided

There are so many mixed feelings about candy corn that it's literally impossible to decide if it is the most fantastic thing you've ever eaten or complete trash made to look like a vegetable. Nobody knows what the heck is up with candy corn and undecided majors obviously don't know what the heck they want to do, but they're probably thinking, "hey, I might as well go to school so I can make something of myself one day".

15. Milky Way: Astronomy

When you think of a Milky Way bar, don't you think of how when you bite into it, the caramel stretches out and you're like wow this is smooth and dreamy? Same for astronomy majors. They know a lot about stars, planets, and the night sky, all of which seem magical AF and pretty intriguing. Smooth and dreamy, my friends.

16. 100 Grand: Pre-Med

Pre-Med majors will most likely become doctors or surgeons or some sort of medical professional one day. Their starting paychecks will probably be about 100 grand. Who even knows what this candy is? Who cares, it sounds expensive.

17. Raisins: Nutrition

Raisins are not candy. Nutrition majors are probably all about raisins.

Cover Image Credit: inkyhack / Flickr

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Mom, This One Is For You As I Leave For College

Thanks for being my best friend.

Dear Mom,

it feels like yesterday that we were jumping up and down in the kitchen while tears of joy ran down our faces as the college acceptances started rolling in. You tagged along on my campus tours and wrote the pros and cons while I listed them off as I paced back and forth trying to make the decision of where my home would be the next four years. As six months till move in day has now turned into less than two weeks I just have a few things to say:

First, I'm going to miss you! Yes, I reminded you every couple of days how close we were to move in day and I've said several times that I can't wait to start this new chapter in my life but, I'm a lot sadder than I let on. In the midst of my excitement I have ignored the thought of not being able to see you everyday, being able to sing in the car with you to the songs we know we can kill, eating popcorn while watching Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights, or even something as simple as sharing a meal with you.

Secondly, I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Mom, I appreciate everything you have done for me thus far in life. I appreciate you dealing with the stressful side of me that came out while dorm shopping, when I know I didn't make it easy. Thank you loving me and encouraging me these past several years that made me into the person I am today. I am grateful for the sacrifices you have made and will probably make in the future with my best interest in mind. I feel so blessed that you are my sunshine on my cloudy days.

Third, I want to apologize in advance. I know there will be times I'm too busy to come home some weekends or even talk for an hour, despite really wanting to. There will be days filled with stress when I don't want you to know about the test I failed earlier that day or about the argument I had my boyfriend or roommate. Don't take any sass or delayed texts to heart, because you know I'll always call you back, I'll always break down and need your direction, and I'll always need to hear your voice.

One last thing, you will always be my best friend. You are the person who I get all of my advice from and the one who can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. You turn my bad days into great ones. I can't wait to make you proud as I continue my education and start this new chapter in my life but, I hope you know it's all because of you. Your constant love, support, mother-daughter meals, advice, jam sessions in the car, hugs while I've cried and laughs to make me smile have all made me the person I am today. A person proud to be your daughter and a person who's ready to start college. So, mom, this one is for you!

Thank you!

With love,

Your Daughter.

P.S. thank God for FaceTime, am I right?

Cover Image Credit: Hayley Hughes

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19 Things No One Tells You To Bring To College

Some extra things to make sure you have the best dorm room on campus.


If you're anything like me I'm sure you've read 100s of articles telling you what to bring to college…and by now you've probably figured out they all have the same things on them. In order to fix this, I've compiled a list of 19 things which are helpful at school, but no one tells you about.

1. Tupperware and Snack Containers

Don't want food to go stale? Have leftovers or food stolen from the dining hall? I didn't bring these things right away but once I got them it made dorm eating much more enjoyable. My personal favorites are the ones with locks and airtight seals.

2. Folding Drying Rack

There's nowhere to store a standing one, and the lack of room for hangers isn't going to work when you need to air dry a bunch of things. Getting a folding or collapsible one will fix all your laundry problems and can easily be stored in the back of a closet or slid in between a desk and a bed.

3. An Extra Laundry Basket

Sometimes the hamper overflows or you need somewhere to sort your laundry that's out of the way. This also makes it possible for you to leave your hamper down in the laundry room rather than bringing it back and forth without leaving a bunch of your clothes there as well.

Not to mention when you aren't using it, you can store other things inside of it rather than wasting space.

4. Umbrella

Very easy to forget if it's not raining when you're packing (hence why you'll see a lot of umbrellas bought at the bookstore).

5. Shoe Mat/Tray

If you go to school somewhere with all four seasons this is a must in the wintertime or the rainy season. I didn't end up buying mine until the first day of the spring semester but it saved our dorm room floor. We kept it in the front of the room and just threw our shoes and/or boots on it as soon as we got back.

This is nice too if you don't want (or your dorm doesn't allow you) to store your boots in the hallway. Also worked when I wanted my umbrella to dry off too!

6. Garbage Bags (or just some plastic bags)

It can be easier to have a plastic bag in the garbage can when making runs down the hall to the trash room. You could buy bags made specifically for this or pack a couple of things in some plastic bags and wait for more to accumulate because trust me they will.

7. Paper Towels

This is so simple it's easily forgotten until you're already there.

8. Lightbulb

You won't believe how easy it is to forget a lightbulb for your new desk lamp. Some people don't even think of it until they try and turn it on for the first time.

9. Costumes

If you think your going to go out during the year chances are you'll wind up at some sort of themed party. In that case, it might be nice to have something at the ready.

10. Blue Tape

This is a lifesaver when hanging dorm decorations. For years I've trusted blue tape to hang pretty much everything in my room, and it worked just as well in my dorm. Also, since it peels off there's no risk of peeling the paint off and getting fined which can (and does) happen with regular tape.

It works great for posters and pictures, but command stips are still the better choice for heavier things (ex. a canvas or frame).

11. Ice Cube Tray

I've never heard of a dorm with an ice machine (unless it's inside a hotel) so if you want cold drinks this is a must…especially during the hot months. Keep in mind you're in a room without air conditioning.

12. Some Decorations

Whether birthday, holiday, or just a nice background for pictures a few simple things can really make your dorm room feel more like home. My personal favorite is the window gel clings, they make every room a little more colorful.

13. Air Freshener

Everything you and your roommate own is going to be packed into this tiny dorm, including your wet towel, dirty clothes, gym clothes, stinky shoes and whatever else you might have. In the warmer month when it's still hot out the heat won't do anything to help the smell.

Since you're bound to invite your friends over (because where else are you guys gonna go) you want it to smell as pleasant as it can.

14. A Fan

I felt like a lot of college packing list left this off, when really it was one of the most used things in my room. If your someone who needs to have a blanket on to fall asleep pointing a fan at yourself is one way to be able to do this while it's still warm out. Not to mention, it's also useful in the winter.

The heating is working hard in the winter which can actually make the room extremely warm. I go to school in Syracuse, New York and we still kept the window cracked in the cold months. However, if it was snowing too hard or just too cold (especially since the window opened right where my head was when I slept) the fan was the perfect thing to make the room cooler.

Also helpful when you have a packed room no matter the season.

15. Fewer Clothes

Be realistic with what you're going to wear and how often you can (and will) do laundry. For instance, you can never have too much underwear, but you don't need 10 sweatshirts (also you're probably going to end up with at least one from your school).

This might sound odd but the one clothes item I know I overpacked was pajamas. I brought a bunch of pairs, some I only wore once and then got stuck in a routine of wearing my two favorite pairs of pajama pants. Also limit the number of t-shirts you bring, because you are going to end up with a ton of free ones (especially earlier in the year…or if you join a sorority).

16. Sunscreen

If you burn and have any interest in sitting out on the quad, it will be really useful to have a bottle.

17. A Stapler

It's definitely possible to find one on campus or borrow your friend's. However, I know I had to go out of my way a couple of times to staple things, so it's more convenient to have your own, but up to you.

18. Reusable Water Bottle

You're going to be walking around campus a lot. It might be nice to have a drink with you, especially in some of the warmer months.

19. An Extra Phone Charger

First it's always nice to be able to have a spare one in your bag, but second, the ones sold on campus are really expensive. If yours breaks ordering online won't be an option…unless you can keep your phone charged for 2 days.

Cover Image Credit:

Allie Slagter

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