IB Survival Guide
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IB Survival Guide

We will survive.

IB Survival Guide
Jordyn Paul-Slater

According to the official IBO website, International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation offering four highly respected programs of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. To us students, we can define it in three simple words: hell on earth. Okay, maybe that is really dramatic, but it is a program, unlike anything you’ve experienced. It keeps you busy, all of the time, and when you think there is nothing to do, there usually is. It can get a little stressing at times, to say the least, but here are some tips to help you through the 2 years. You’re welcome.

1. Budget your time.

Procrastination is something that is always a possibility, and especially in the IB program, it is detrimental. Please, sit down weekly and plan out your week with the assignments. Do not procrastinate, and if you need to, make sure to give yourself enough of a time gap to do so. This is an important skill throughout the IB experience.

2. Prioritize

You can get to the next level of Call of Duty next week. Focus on your tasks that are more urgent and important. You will be thankful in the long run.

3. IB is not necessarily a family, however, you will find where you fit.

We both can personally attest that IB will change you as a person and therefore, it will alter who you associate with. Not only will you find a friend group where you fit, but you also will establish who you are, which is the coolest thing about the program.


IB is not a one man mission. You could be really good at math, but you absolutely suck at English. Find someone who is able to meet you at your weaknesses and strengths. This will make your experience so much easier.

5. Sleep as much as you can.

Sleep is a need. It is not just to make you feel good. Your body and your mind need sleep in order to function correctly. SLEEP. SLEEP. SLEEP. If you do not end up getting enough sleep, budget your time to sleep in over the weekend.

6. Get to know your teachers very well.

They will most likely be writing your recommendations for college. Make your face known.


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Check your email. Join group chats made for your classes. Meet with other students often. Communicating is the most important skill you probably will have.

8. If you’re doing the program to get into college, drop out. (Unless if you are going international)

Having a pristine college application is NOT worth the amount of work you will have to do in the program. Take a bunch of AP classes. Only take IB if you want a more enriched learning experience.

9. Find a workplace outside of your house.

For us, Starbucks is IB central. All of the IB kids go there to study and complete work, so we know that if we need help with a certain subject, there will most likely be a person there to help. Find that place for you.

10. Have fun!

IB is not all work in any instance. There are aspects of it that are fun. They could be the other students or specific activities that your programs do for fun. Embrace those moments; they will last a lifetime.

If you follow these tips, the two years will be a breeze. Good luck!

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