I Miss College: ASU Students Discuss Life in Quarantine
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The Odyssey Online ASU team came together to answer questions about what we have been doing during quarantine, and how much we have missed our school since the coronavirus epidemic. We are all dreaming about getting a slice of pizza from Spinelli's and walking around the Tempe campus, but instead, we are all on Zoom finishing the remainder of our classes. Read about how our panel is dealing with the transition to online school.

What grade and major are you?

Lauren — I am a junior, soon to be senior, majoring in journalism and mass communication with a minor in political science.

Breanna — I am a journalism major and just finished my freshman year. I am from Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Colin — I'm a sports journalism major, sophomore at ASU, and I'm originally from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona, for school.

Alexandra — My major is journalism and mass communication, and I am a first-year student going on second-year soon at ASU. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Tucson, Arizona, when I was young; then to Phoenix for college!

Hailey — I am a freshman journalism student from Peoria, AZ.

Autriya — Journalism with a focus in broadcast. I am from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

Millard I am a sports journalism and a graduating senior from New Jersey.

Where are you spending quarantine? What's the vibe?

Lauren — I am spending time at my house in Northern California with my parents and dog! It is starting to get warmer here, and I am having fun with my family, but it is very different than life before quarantine. I do think my home state of California has done an amazing job during this epidemic.
Breanna — I am spending quarantine back home with my cats, Ivan and Yaya, so it's a bit hectic now that they have someone home all the time!
Colin — In Phoenix with a single one of my three roommates. The vibe is striking up a conversation with our walls at this point.
Alexandra — I am spending my quarantine at home in Tucson with my family, and the vibe is semi-chaotic having to handle all my online classes but also relaxing in the sense that I have decent time to focus on myself.
Hailey — I am at home with my family, it's a very fun a loving vibe.
Autriya — I am back home with my family. We are all trying to support each other. My mom makes cake every night so by the time this is over I'm going to be at least 12 pounds heavier.
Millard — I am spending quarantine in my Tempe apartment. The vibe has been pretty chill since it's only me and my roommate, and we get along pretty well.

How do you feel about our University's response to COVID-19?

Lauren — I think our University did a great job when responding to the epidemic. It has been a tough transition, especially since it was announced over spring break, but I have tried to make the most out of it! I am still working at The State Press as a Digital Editor and apart of social along with my school work.
Breanna — I think ASU did the right thing by keeping students safe but also still allowing housing and meals for students who cannot go back. I was at home on spring break when I got the message with my parents. My mom, brother, and I took the car up before the 15th and loaded it full with all my stuff! I could barely see out the back!
Colin — I think ASU has done an extraordinary job transitioning during COVID-19. As a student-worker inside ASU's Digital Audiences lab, I was fortunate enough to be granted access to work entirely from home during this period.
Alexandra — ASU's response to COVID-19 has been very organized and prepared. Online classes and resources were handled quickly and efficiently, access to help with classes and personal adjustments have been available and plenty of time to move out or stay in the dorm was adjusted for students.
Hailey — I believe the University did what was best even though it sucks that the semester got cut short. It's been a tough transition but It's manageable, that's life ... full of curveballs.
Autriya — I think the school was very responsible with the way they handled things. It is very frustrating to have online class, however, it's for the better. I have an on-campus job as well, and my manager has been on top of assigning us trainings so we can do at our own time to earn some money. She also spends every week in one on one meetings with us just to check in on us which has been so sweet.
Millard — The University has had a calculated response, and one I agree with. They are looking after the safety of their students. Being a sports journalist, there is nothing to cover, and the school doesn't want us to do field reporting, so this second half of the semester has been underwhelming for me. I feel empty, I feel like I still had so much more that I wanted to do. I also really wanted to walk down the graduation aisle, but that isn't happening either.

When did you start to know it was serious? When did you start taking action?

Lauren — I started to realize it was serious a couple days before spring break as I was visiting a friend in Seattle to see The Strokes over the first half of spring break and going home to Northern California for the second half, two states that had seen the virus early. Once I landed in Seattle, I noticed how people were acting, and when I went to Pike's Place, the atmosphere was not as chaotic. The concert venue also had a coronavirus team during the concert and had pre-sanitized the venue. Once I returned home, things started to get more serious rapidly, and the next thing you know our semester was canceled.
Breanna — I started to take it seriously when we had a student on our campus with COVID-19, but I knew it was serious once schools started to shut down, but I did not think it would get this big.
Colin — The virus took on a whole new meaning after my grandmother passed away from it a few weeks ago. I took personal preventative measures well before this but to not be allowed to see her during her fight in the hospital was one of the hardest things my family and I ever had to mentally wrap our heads around.
Alexandra — I began self-isolating along with my family as soon as we heard that the virus was spreading in our state and still continue to do so unless we have to go to the grocery store for necessities.
Hailey — I knew it was serious once I saw the numbers start to exponentially increase! I took serious action once Arizona was given the stay at home order.
Autriya — During spring break was when things felt a little bit more serious to me. I saw more people with masks outside, and my friends and I decided to cancel the rest of our spring break plans just so we could stay safe and healthy.
Millard — I knew it was serious once the NBA shut down because the rest of the world soon followed. I couldn't have imagined this is how my college and educational career ends, but here we are.

What do you miss most about being on campus and what's the first thing you're doing when you get back?

Lauren — I miss going to the Cronkite School. I miss watching the news in the forum and walking across the Tempe campus to the shuttle every day. I also miss seeing my friends and working at The State Press. The first thing I will do when I go back to Tempe is getting a pizza from Spinelli's and see my friends.
Breanna — I miss seeing my friends and all the free activities you can do when there. The first thing I am doing when I get back is going out with my friends and walk around Phoenix again!
Colin — I miss the commute with friends from class to class. Hopefully, the first thing I'll be able to do is find my classrooms for the Fall 2020 semester.
Alexandra — What I miss most about being on campus is the friends and exposure to other students regularly. When I return, I'll be moving into an apartment so it will be important for me to get out and continue meeting other students to build up friendships.
Hailey — I miss the feeling of independence and being able to spend time with my friends. As soon as I go back I'm giving all my friends a great big hug.
Autriya — I really miss being in the classroom with the teachers. The Cronkite teachers do such a wonderful job of teaching very hands-on courses, and it's been difficult to get that experience over Zoom. I also really miss the Blaze Radio studio and going here to record my radio show. My radio show was the one thing I always looked forward to in the week and doing it from home just doesn't feel the same.
Millard — I probably won't be back on campus for the rest of my time here in Arizona. I'm starting to look for a job, and if I can't find one by the time my lease runs out then I'm probably moving back home. Pretty unceremonious end, but nothing I can do about it.

What is a new song or artist you have discovered?

Lauren — A lot of the bands I like have been postponing their album releases. A new song that I have been obsessed with since a little before quarantine is Spacey Jane's "Skin."
Breanna — I haven't really discovered any new artists, but I have been listening to a lot of TikTok music, and I like them a lot. The song that I can't get enough of that I heard from TikTok is "ROXANNE" by Arizona Zervas, it's so catchy!
Colin — "LEMONS" – by: LoveLeo, Very short song but really unique rhyme and message. The music video references the current quarantine situation as well.
Alexandra — A new artist that I have started listening to is Rich Brian, who is a newish rapper and his song "Glow Like Dat" has been on repeat in my house!
Hailey — I have listened to a lot more country and alternative! I'm in love with Sam Hunt and his new album "Southside!" I also discovered I Fight Dragons, and I love the song "Chicago."
Autriya — Funny question actually because my boyfriend and I made each other playlists with songs that start with the first letter of our names. He had a song on his playlist called "Tell Me Baby" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and it has been my go-to jam during self-isolation. I recommend it because it's upbeat and really fun.
Millard — The best song to come out during this quarantine was, of course, dropped by the best rapper, Drake. The "Toosie Slide" has been great for keeping people active in their homes while listening to a classic Drake banger.

Have you binge-watched a show?

Lauren — I binge-watched a lot of shows including "Tiger King," "High Fidelity," and I've also continued to watch "Killing Eve," "Homeland," and "Schitt's Creek" live.
Breanna — I watched the entire show "One Tree Hill." I loved it a lot! My favorite character would be Nathan Scott because he had such a major character development and is such a sweet guy and of course cute too!
Colin — Definitely "Futurama," as I love animated sitcoms. Dr. Zoidberg is my favorite character because even though he's poor, lonely, and lives in a dumpster, he's grateful for what he has, and I love the randomness of him being a shellfish doctor. Maybe some of their futuristic predictions come true.
Alexandra — I have been binge-watching "Grey's Anatomy" over this time, I have watched up to season 11 before but restarted the whole thing. Cristina Yang is a cardiothoracic surgeon and my favorite character.
Hailey — I have binge-watched "Scooby-Doo! Mystery, Inc." It got me through a tough breakup in quarantine so it hits home! My favorite character is Daphne because she and I are very similar!

Autriya — I think I am not the only one here to say I binge-watched "Tiger King." I watched it with my roommate over Netflix Party, and it really felt like that I was actually there with her. Also, the show is just crazy and made me realize how normal my life is. I finished Glee as well which I had started since spring break, and I loved the show a little too much because of my show choir background.
Millard — The only thing I have really been watching on TV is "The Last Dance," the documentary on Michael Jordan. I think it's really important for my generation to watch it so we can be educated on both sides when we debate LeBron vs. MJ. Too many people my age think LeBron is the goat with no prior knowledge of what MJ did.

If 2020 went as planned, what would your April have looked like?

Lauren — I had a pretty eventful April lined up and end of March. I was going to a lot of concerts and trips including Grouplove and Skegss in Phoenix, COIN and Hockey Dad in San Diego to visit my cousin, I was going go back home to see the Eagles with my dad for my Christmas present, and lastly, my dad was going to visit me to see a band we like called the Darkness. All of my May events including a music festival I cover as media were canceled. I am happy that we are putting the health of the country and the world first. It is upsetting that these events were canceled, but if we continue to follow guidelines and put the public's health first, that is a step in the right direction.

Breanna — My April would have looked like a lot of work and spending time with my dad before he deployed. But in May I was supposed to go to a Maroon 5 concert, and I am upset I can't g,o but I understand, and I hope they are able to reschedule because they have been my favorite since I was little.

Colin — April would have been full of ASU sporting events with my friends, including playing intramural softball. I would've also spent a lot of time in the pool at my apartment complex for sure!
Alexandra — If 2020 had gone as planned, honestly, it wouldn't have looked much different besides hanging out with my friends more often and getting to finish my first year of college on campus!
Hailey — If 2020 went as planned I would've been on campus spending time with friends! And I would've gone to Country Thunder.
Autriya — Well my birthday is in April actually. Every year I get together with some friends for a quick dinner and then we all go ice skating after. So that would've been ideal rather than just staying home with no friends to celebrate with. However, my family gave me a great quarantine birthday party, and I got to celebrate with my friends over Zoom. My boyfriend and I had also planned to go to the Foo Fighters concert, but obviously they postponed the show. Apparently this was the first time ever they did something like that because they've put on a show even when the lead singer had a broken arm.
Millard — I would be grinding right now if the world didn't come to a stop. I would be doing promotional events at Spring Training games for my job at AZ Sports 98.7. I would be doing stories and articles for my internship at Times Media and for Cronkite News. I would be re-shooting old stand-ups. I would be working super diligently with graduation approaching.

Have you been watching the news?

Lauren — I have been watching and reading the news. I always watch the news a lot, especially since I am a journalism major. I've been reading and watching more local news than usual as well. I have been reading the SF Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, Arizona Republic and The New York Times. I have been watching multiple news channels and tuning in to Anderson Cooper, Brooke Baldwin and Chris Cuomo.
Breanna — I watch CNN because that's what I grew up with. I have watched Anderson Cooper forever and think he would be my favorite because of his reporting.
Colin — Yes but only once or twice a week to stay informed.
Alexandra — I do not watch the news very often.
Hailey — Yes, I've been watching the news and reading up on the news.
Autriya — I watch ABC World News with David Muir every night, or try to. He is my favorite anchor, and I always trust his reporting. He's also very talented in the way he presents news, and I've always looked up to him. I also read the Arizona Republic and New York Times every day.
Millard — The only channels I pretty much turn on are sports channels like ESPN and NBA TV. I love hearing sports debates on Fox Sports 1 especially. Those channels have also been playing a lot of throwback games which I find very interesting. The ones with the late-great Kobe Bryant always bring a tear to my eyes and a smile to my face at the same time.

What have you or someone else done to give back? Is there a cause you think people should donate to?

Lauren — I've seen a lot of the bands I listen to donate to charities! My family and I have also helped our elderly neighbor get groceries so he does not have to go to the store.
Breanna — The greatest thing I have seen, of people giving back, is the company that made the face shields for nurses and medical workers because they didn't have any more protective gear. It was Arash Malek, who is the founder of a company that makes air fresheners for Teslas, and he made the prototype in his garage and got it out in just a few days so I thought that was great.
Colin — I saw on the news recently that a very old man in England got "Happy Birthday" sang to him by all his neighbors out on their front lawns and that just made my heart happy.
Alexandra — I think that self-isolating at times like these are the best ways to give back to ensure a safer environment for others. My family has also been sending packages with basic necessities, hand sanitizer, etc to family in other states that do not have it available to them.
Hailey — I've written encouraging messages in chalk around my neighborhood and expressed my love and gratitude to all my family that are in the medical field serving in the front lines.
Autriya — I am not sure if this counts, but I did go out on our driveway one time and gave the neighborhood an impromptu concert. Everyone loved it, and it even got some song suggestions to play on my ukulele along the way.
Millard — Seeing all the athletes step up to pay the arena workers during this time really moved me. The owners are all billionaires, but it was the athletes that decided to step up first and get the ball rolling.

Have you picked up a new hobby?

Breanna — I have been doing so many puzzles, it's crazy! I have never done puzzles like this before. I usually do it once a year with my grandparents, if I even, and now I have completed two 1,000 piece puzzles and a 2,000 piece. I am about to embark on another!
Colin — Yes, stock market investing. Let your money work for you for a change!
Alexandra — A new hobby that I have picked up recently is actually an old hobby that I steered away from: running. I love to run and haven't had much time to do it, so now is a perfect time for exercise for the mind and body.
Hailey — I haven't picked up a new hobby, but I've gotten back in to some old hobbies of reading, drawing and playing my ukulele!
Autriya — Not necessarily new, but I've been trying to get better and playing the guitar and ukulele better. I completely forgot about my instruments with the stress of school, but it's nice to have some time now to play.
Millard — I have picked up 'Fortnite" during this quarantine. I've tried it before and didn't enjoy. But now I play it with a squad of friends every night and it's pretty much become the highlight of my day.

The following reporters have contributed to this article: Breanna Steele, Colin Romaglia, Alexandra Conforti, Hailey Forbis, Autriya Maneshni, and Millard Thomas.

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